20170309 Board meeting

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Agenda of the Board Meeting

Date: Thursday, March 9th, 19.00-20.00pm
Place: UniverCité, 3rd floor meeting room



  • Vanessa & Rachel


  • Vanessa
  • Rachel
  • Gustavo
  • Yann P.
  • Luc
  • Anne-Laure
  • Dan
  • Gianpaolo
  • Sam
  • Yann H.


  • Ana
  • Daniel


Welcome address

(Vanessa, 1 min)

Point 0: public minutes

(Vanessa, 1 min)

Get ok from all board members to upload minutes on wiki (or else discuss alternative below)

Objections? NO, all ok!

Point 1: Transition to New Board

(Vanessa, 15 min)

Is everyone happy with the distribution of tasks? YES!

Vanessa recapitulates her role, together with Rachel.

Ana wants to implement invoice system. YES!
Ana sends reminders to people who did not pay and deal on a case by case basis.
Ana shares the speadsheet with committee members in "view" mode.

Lab manager -> Gustave has installed a new lavabo, fixed the electrical supply for microbalance and micropump, wants to develop custom-made incubator and request info for CO2 in larger incubator + talk to Gianpaolo to do cell culture without CO2. Will build tables on wheels.

Luc adds "order processing" to his tasks and makes sure everybody knows the process. Ana takes care of the finances. Together with Gustavo, they create a budget for the lab.

Information Transfer

Transfer information to new board members:

Who is on the following email distribution?

  • hello@hackuarium.ch -> Vanessa Lorenzo and Rachel Aronoff
  • board@hackuarium.ch -> all board members
  • name@hackuarium.ch -> can we/do we want more email addresses? At the moment, Vanessa, Yann H and Luc have one.

Who can update the welcome protocols?
Vanessa drafts a proposition and discusses onboarding with Gustavo. Who has the following IT credentials?

  • Social media
    • Facebook: Sam (moderator) Yann P., Vanessa, Rachel
    • Twitter: Yann P., Gianpaolo, Luc, Vanessa
  • Bank account -> Luc went to the bank with Ana -> sorted: Luc and Ana have full credentials

Who is in charge of the following tools

  • Hackuarium Google calendar -> Vanessa
  • Cards & building accesses -> Vanessa told a clear request to Christophe @UC

Foreign relations

  • UC community meetings -> Yann H. + 1 other person

Invoices and membership payment:

  • Implementing smallinvoice to send invoice automatically every month. Does everybody agree?
  • What about the last year invoices that have not been payed, (members who have not payed their memberships) Should I remember them/send them an invoice or should we start from 0 this year?.
  • Buying new items. Is there a procedure?
  • Reimbursement to members who have pay for items. Should we make it easier?
  • Adding the information about the invoice/reimbursement/paying to a folder in the drive, available to the committee members. Yes/No?

Point 2: Biosafety & Lab management

(Vanessa and Rachel, 3 min)

Things to get done (by Yann P. on the slack)

  • Attach the eye washers with the instructions against the wall next to the sink
  • Find the bandaid box / medic box we had and put it in evidence somewhere in the lab (preferable close to the eyewashers)
  • Make sure we have a fire extinguisher. Put it on the left of the sink
  • Subscribe for a a "responsabilité civile" insurance (Model of the makerspace option 1)
  • Inventory control system
  • Disclaimer to be signed
  • SOP for the lab shared with all (Yann to translate to French too)

  • Should we have a Biosafety guide/instruction/manager: YES (Chemicals, biohazard containers for autoclave or bleach...)

Luc: Yes! But everyone should get basic intro (like in the makerspace)! Let's schedule one 15 minutes introduction each Wednesday, and match with the members list.
Yann : Absolutely, it's important members get to know how a microbiology lab works. Currently, the lab is not in a state for making microbiology IMO & Rachel's (safety wise and in terms of good laboratory practice).
Rachel: Need to make sure newly renovated lab gets up to real P1 standards, but for now need to accommodate for multi-use (even a table where food is allowed _YES, for now & Clearly Labelled!) and restrict experimental work.
RA thinks Luc's idea for an intro session is excellent, but maybe it would be better as each new member gets their card and full access, rather than trying for every Weds night... especially as each new member might need to find different equipment etc.
RA would further like to know what is going on about that Crispr trial/workshop (mut to streptomycinR!?) David is in Japan now...

Point 3: Events

(Vanessa, Rachel and Luc H. 5 minutes)

  • Wiki Sprint -> 11 March.
  • European Citizen Science Forum in Paris (March 25th). They can cover 300 euro per person for trip for 3 people, ok! (Vanessa & Rachel + Luc H)
  • DIY Bcn Should we reconnect? (Vanessa, email resent)
  • SWILABS - Swiss Public Biolabs Network meeting in Ticino (Rachel, others? Doodle to choose potential date in email...)
  • Meeting with CHIC, Wed 29.03.2017 to plan kick-off event on 18 May (Luc)
  • Living Instruments tour dates (see below)
  • Any other event/meeting planned? At Hackuarium or in collaboration with the community? Hackathon (see below), levito mare,


(Vanessa, 15 min)

Biofabbing conference will happen on May 10-13.

Will most likely happen at CERN. Marc Dusselier is taking the lead, asking what the Hackuarium community wants to contribute for the day of Unconference.
Not clear answer yet


  • STICKERS Vanessa, Moo
  • CARDS Vanessa, Moo
  • POSTERS (Qui?)

Point 4: Future activities

(Vanessa, 2 min)

We will talk about projects, ideas and concrete future actions in the next board meeting and in a follow-up discussion with all members.

We need to make sure everyone has time to express their vision.

Projects & Financing

(Vanessa, 1 min)

  • Any particular comments regarding projects?


  • Any interest in pushing the projects from this doc?

Take pictures of all members -> paste them on the wall.

Wall for tasks -> Update?

Common projects -> to gather members around common goals (Oceane, Anne - Laure, A.Oulevey (biosafety?))

Point 5: Community Happiness

(Shalf, 2 min) LACK OF TIME, to be better scheduled for NEXT MEETING


  • Microgrant Process Review shared, i.e. work has started. Shalf will keep improving this page until next board meeting for a structured conversation to happen.

Ateliers de Renens

Next steps proposed and approved:

  • Follow-up w/ Christophe re: stolen wood
  • Check next UC Community Meeting date & governance. Yann will update the board & community to make sure we have time to properly gather feedback from everyone, and will go with someone else from the Board (depending on meeting's agenda and availabilities).