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How to welcome?

Once the future member has written to hello@hackuarium.ch:

We send the following info

Hello 'newbie',

Great news! Welcome to the Hackuarium community!

  • Members of Hackuarium have access 24/7 to our lab and some open facilities of UNIVERCITE: kitchen, chill area, and even fancy meeting rooms at MassChallenge. Access to our #dirtylab or Makerspace on Wednesday nights and Friday the whole day, where Marc Wettstein is the manager and will give you an introductory course to all the machines / security course (20CHF), is also included.
  • We are friends of FIXME and FABLAB (electronic hackers' and fabbers' community right close to us), so if you need something from them, ask them personally, they will be happy to inform and help you.
  • For paying the membership fee of 20CHF/month, here are the details:

Association Hackuarium
Chemin du Closel 5
1020 Renens
Compte Banque Alternative Suisse
334.153.100-03 / CHF
IBAN CH59 0839 0033 4153 1000 3

  • A card will give you access of 7/24 to the building and costs 50 CHF (one unique payment) - we reimburse this money directly to the provider UNIVERCITE.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Best regards!

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