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Board Meeting Agenda

Date: Thursday, November 26th, 19.30-21.00pm
Place: UniverCité



  • Luc as president


  • Luc
  • Yann H.
  • Yann P.
  • Michal
  • Jonathan
  • Gianpaolo
  • Sam
  • Anna
  • Clément D.


  • Anne-Laure
  • Vanessa
  • Agenda


To keep track on time, we will use a timer like last time (Sam will keep time) Total is 50 minutes as it is -> possible to extend for a total of 10 minutes


Welcome address

(Luc, 2 min)

General update

about Hackuarium, UniverCité and else
(Luc, 2 min)


as of 31.10.2015

2800 CHF on the account
900 CHF belong to BeerDeCoded
6200 CHF from membership fees (including Nov and Dec 2014) and donations
3400 CHF spent
More than 110 x 20 CHF (2200 CHF) in due fees by the end of the year.

New UniverCité community manager

Juliette Davenne
Contact her via her preferred email or via this [mailto:juliettedavenne@gmail.com email| for google products.

New Cool Tools Workshop Fees

Rules for 2016 (not 150 CHF monthly anymore for all members)

50.- /day (25.-, 40.-, 20.-)
170.- /month (85.-, 130.-, 60.-)
1200.- /year (600.-, 900.-, 450.-)
(-50% students, -25% members Hackuarium)
Free Wednesday nights and Friday nights

Illumina Grant for BeerDeCoded

Gianpaolo and Luc want to apply for a non-cash grant with Illumina. Details here. Objections? No.

Point 0

(Luc, 1 min)

Get ok from all board members to upload minutes on wiki (or else discuss alternative below)
Objections? No.

Point 1

(Luc, 2 min)

Confirm the date of the AG in mid-January (Wed 20th).

Based on a Doodle, the next General Assembly will take place on Wednesday 20th January at UniverCité. More 20160120_General_Assembly here.
Objections? No.

Point 2

(Yann P, 10 min)

Redefine what it means to be in the board

The members of the board of Hackuariumwant to promote, support and expand the activities of the association by investing time and energy. Board members are elected by the members of the association during the General Assembly (or an extraordinary assembly if necessary). They come to the Open nights (Wednesdays 7.30-9.30) regularly and make it a priority to help with tasks related to the association. Each board member has the freedom to develop her/his own initiatives as far as the rest of the board has been notified and no one has openly questioned or opposed them. Board meetings are organised regularly (every month if possible) to vote on such initiatives after discussing them and planning them seriously. When a board member is unable to fulfill her/his tasks, she/he notifies the board members so that someone can step in and take responsibility if necessary.

It is expected from board members that they take initiative in their tasks and that they are reliable. “Board member” is not an honorary title. I think there was too many idle members during this period. The fact that most of the people did not take the time to fill the “task in the board” below speaks for itself no ?

Redefine the tasks within the board

(in no particular order, please fill in)

  • Luc (president and treasurer, responsible for advocacy, external relations and general cohesion)
  • Yann H (?)
  • Yann P (Lab manager, responsible for material, instruments)
  • Michal (?)
  • Jonathan (events, outreach EPFL, UNIL, student associations coordination)
  • Ana (?)
  • Sam (Website responsible, helps out with web/dev & rapid prototyping)
  • Clément (Lab manager assistant, Yann P’s slave)
  • Vanesa (?)
  • Gianpaolo (asked to join, will be elected during January GA, ?)
  • Anne laure (?)

Up to date tasks can be found [| here].

Point 3

(Yann P, 5 min)

The following important parts of the wiki need to be completed:

  • La Biologie Do-it-Yourself (Luc, Michal)
  • Qui sommes-nous? Implement the members page with info we just decided above (Luc)
  • Bibliothèque et liste de lecture. Add, start writing what were our inspirations, maybe some stories to give a form of historical background to our associations (Luc, Michal)
  • Link to DIYbio and DIYbio Europe and list of labs (Luc)
  • Media and Press. Update this part, several things are incomplete (Gianpaolo Yann P)
  • Mostly updated (29.11) Gianpaolo can you add the media?
  • Description of micro grants and who is in charge (NOT Luc, but Anna) write an email to the board and take the first 2 replies
  • Description of how to apply for external grants has been drafted by Yann P before here

The following projects need an update:

  • Impression 3D (phage, moteur flagellaire ) (Jo, Richard, Severine, Clément <3)
  • Anthropologie quantitative (Jo, Patrick, Michal)
  • BeerDeCoded (Jo, Gianpaolo)
  • Bioink project (Vanessa)
  • Thesis Michal (can we upload to our website?)

Should we build a general Hackuarium Github repository and link to the wiki (Yann)
comment by sam: Github repositories are per project & personal github repositories can be listed on the organisation page of hackuarium on github (yannh access)
See example: https://github.com/octanis1

Define a task for everyone (see point 10) and complete them by December 15th

Point 4

(Sam, 3 min)

The new Hackuarium website should be done before Jan 20th to be announced at the General Assembly The skeleton is basically done Some help is needed with content (Luc) Photography specifically needed (Vanessa, Sylvan) Those who haven’t yet sent their project “advertising” & photos for the website, can do that

Point 5

(Yann P, 5 min)

Gives a short update about the http://wiki.hackuarium.ch/w/Op_Gorilla_Warfare_1

Discuss about the board ideas on how to handle the growing community labwise and material wise.

Detail: This is an open question. I want to give you my vision and want you to suggest to me ideas and ways of pushing the thing in that direction List here: Security, What is the state of fire extinguishers, do we have the pharmacy. Security procedures have to be visible for everyone to see. (ie: above the lavabo) Onboarding (cards, access to IT) (WHO?) Waste (like large devices) elimination (Yann P. coordinate with Marc, Carmelo) The P1 push (Yann P., Gianpaolo)

Point 6

(Luc, 3 min)

Decide for a timeline how to get input from the community about the 2016 objectives.

  • Discussion with each member individually (Luc, Michal)
  • Survey (Google form)
  • Announced during the General Assembly and carried out later

Point 7

(Luc, Jo, 10 min)

Events coming up (need finalization and proper documentation):

  • BeerDeCoded workshop (28th November, Gianpaolo, Jo)
  • Living Instruments workshop (10-17th January, Luc, Vanesa, Serge)
  • Living Instruments performance at Le Bourg and Lift (10th and 11th February, Luc, Vanesa, Serge)
  • Echopen night (13th or 20th January, Luc) change date?
  • Bentolab night (15-28 Feb? Luc)
  • Debiopharm vs BeerDeCoded lunch-workshop (date? Gianpaolo, Luc)

Prepare further event planification/calendar for 2016:

  • Darty Monkeys: Adopt an artist! the role of art in science. Critical art in science. Speculative futures.
  • DIYbio Europe annual meeting?
  • Invitation for a presentation by other European biohacker space (like last year with the Waag and La Paillasse)

General themes suggested: (Bio) Ethics (stem cells, GMO, animal model usage, AI, IoT, Big Data) Jo, Severine

Workshop suggestion: Top priority: Basic molecular biology and microbiology (Luc, Gianpaolo) Wikisprint (Yann P.) Science Hackathon? (April-May) in collaboration with the RSG switzerland? (Jonathan?)

Others: Sensorial analysis and taste receptor polymorphisms (with ETHZ, Gianpaolo) Bot programing (Twitter, FB, Linkedin, with Fixme?) Raspberry pi/ Arduino workshop (with Fixme or the Fablab du chene 20?) Think Tank about personalized health/medicine with lawyers, politicians, scientist, compagnies, and citizen

Point 8

(Jonathan, 2min)

Links between Hackuarium and other players

  • Discussion with other associations (ADAS, Junior Entreprise, BSNL, RSG-Switzerland, SV industry, SV postdoc, OpenData.ch, Wikimedia.ch, etc.) What do we want to offer, what do we want from them?
  • Distribution lists in UNIL and EPFL and others (UNIGE, CERN, Campus biotech, HES,...)
  • SOP for advertising our activities in general
  • Recognition by UNIL/EPFL? (Luc is personally against it, Yann P too, Sam too, Yann H too)

Point 9

(Yann P, 1 min)

Sources of income Retail of instruments donated by 3rd party? (This is only an idea. NOT to be discussed now, but let’s keep it in mind)

Point 10

(Luc, 2 min)

To do list for each of the committee members by Dec 15th

Original Agenda

The original document of the agenda can be found | here.