Op Gorilla Warfare 1

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Op Gorilla Warfare 1 (OGW1) might well be the final massive material killing spree we are taking part of. OGW1 will be divided two rounds and in several phases described along the document and several e wil be involved in this coordinated operation. I ask the members to be flexible and as available as possible for this operation

Who's involved

Hackuarium, LIP-EPFL, MYNE, UC, Kool Tools.

Round 1:

Glassware, consumable, frunitures

Phase 1: Recon

--- DONE ---
Nestle is willing to give us a large amount of material since a large number of their labs are closing. The material is: Glassware, 4 palettes of consumables, furniture & instruments. After my visit there, I can concur that the material is of great quality and it will boost the state of the lab to academic and industrial like levels in terms of glassware and furniture. The instruments are still to be investigated.

Phase 2: Material picking & sharing

--- DONE --- 13.11.15 - 23:59
A list of material was given to me (shared on #wg-biolab on 06.11). The glassware will be shared with a priority to Hackuarium, to us, LIP-EPFL and la MYNE. I take care of this. The furniture are in large amount and only what is necessary for Hackuarium will be taken. We might as well equip the green zone of UC with it to make the kitchen. Kool Tools are also interested in some of these. Once I receive all the demands I will compile everything and send it to Nestle The list of requested items is massive. Glassware request covered almost the total amount of items. Around 80 pieces of furniture were requested. 2 Beckman coulter ultracentrifuges and 1 table centrifuge + their rotors were requested.

Phase 3: Confirmation

--- DONE ---

  • Glassware confirmed
  • Centrifuges confirmed
  • Furnitures to be confirmed Media:MOBILIER_OPGW1.pdf
  • Dates:

  • LIP Team on Wednesday 9 Dec morning for glassware wraping
  • Hackuarium, UC, MYNE teams on 11 Dec collecting, sharing
  • Hackuarium, UC 12 Dec setup in the lab.
  • Phase 4: Pickup

    --- TO BE DONE ---

    - - - - 11 DECEMBER - - -

    Massive pickup will be done during 1 day.
    Will be needed: (depending on the material, to be confirmed)

  • 1 to 2 drivers
  • 1 to 2 Vans
  • 2 to 4 helpers
  • Planning
    Expected volume (looking larger):
    4 palettes for the plastics (realist)
    12 to 15 palettes for the furnitures (80 pieces of furnitures + chairs (not easy to pack))
    3 palettes for the centrifuges (realist)
    3 to 4 palettes equivalents for the glassware. (this will be cardboards so can be put in corners)
    Total: 22-25 palettes

    Renting the VW crafter 17.4 m3 (400*200*217 - l*w*h) using cff palettes 80 * 120 we can put inside: 9 palettes
    With the utility van from la MYNE we can load 5 palettes
    This means 2 back and forth
    time(Hackuarium - site) = 25min (in a google perfect world)
    time(1*back-forth) = 1h
    time (un)load = 20 to 30 min
    time tot = 2*t(b-f) + 2*t(ul) + 2*t(l) = 3.5h

    The utilitary truc is rented. 219.10.-, illimited killometers! Ya man that's a 100.- discount !

    - we need either people on spot to help unload and put up (so we don't loose time bringing all up)

    - 08:30 departure sharp from Hackuarium

    Pickup locations

    • 1)
    Nestec (Nestle)
    Route du Jorat 57, 1000 Lausanne 26
    • 2)

    Coordination: Yann P
    Drivers (needed 1): Clément D. John Deere driver
    Drivers backup (needed 1):
    Helpers (needed 2): Luc
    Helpers backup (needed 2):
    On site (needed 1 to 2):

    MYNE crew :1 driver, 2 helpers, 1 utilitary van.
    Type Ducato ou Master rallongé
    3 places 10 - 12 m3 3.3 m long1.85 m haut1.7 m large960 Kg cu
    That's around 5 palettes per travel.

    Phase 5: Organizing, Sharing, Setting Up

    --- TO BE DONE ---
    This phase will be done just after phase 4. Once the material is collected, and temporarily stored. It will have to be definitely stored and put into place. That part will need a lot of people for carrying, lifting, setting up the furnitures since several work zones will be modified. See "What will change" for the details. The more we are during this day the better. This will be done the Saturday 12.12 starting from 10am. Please if you can come, fill in the Doodle

    Round 2

    --- TO BE DONE ---
    Instruments, (possible glassware and furniture completion)

    What will change

    modifications in red

    When I started building the lab, I used what was under hand to quickly have a first version where people could start working. The two project zones are therefore only resting on shelves and not on metallic structures which is a risk for the user's safety. Furthermore these shelves are shallow and will be replaced by larger and higher ones to offer more storing space. The hood zone will be reorganized and the palettes will be removed to fit real shelves for storage as well as a solvent shelve to store alcohol and other chemicals. This shelf will be connected to the ventilation system. For the large bench where the microscopes are resting, it is also resting only on shelves. We will also equip this zone with a strong and higher metallic armature and more spacious shelves. If your work zone is in red, know that changes will take place.


    I'm also waiting for a delivery of 2 palettes of consumables from somebody else.