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Gavrilo wants to propose his expertise for Business-related questions to Hackuarium members. The chosen format are Office Hours. Gavrilo first presented this idea to us during the Avril, 29th 2015 #OpenHackuarium. His slides can be found here.


Some of our members' project have or will have some day a potential as start-ups or SMEs, i.e. businesses. Same members most of the times never read a Business-related book nor attended e.g. a "Service Design 101" class.
Tapping into Gavrilo's hands-on knowledge and will to share on those matters is thus a smart hack.

Who's this guy?

Gavrilo is an engineer and entrepreneur who worked at the Hackuarium at the very beginning of the project. He is the founder of the Lausanne-based communication agency restons sérieux, and has worked as a business development consultant for various companies, from small start-ups to larger international companies. His expertise lies in entrepreneurship, creation of compelling business cases and value propositions, while keeping a sufficient knowledge in engineering and design to reality-check these aspects along the way.

What are we going to do?

You're a biologist/engineer/designer/other kind of crazy person who work at Hackuarium. You developed a cool new product/technology/idea that the whole wold will want to buy. Kudos for that. But who exactly is going to buy it first? How are you going to reach these customers? How are you going to convince investors to give you the first kadjillion you'll need to set your idea in motion? We'll discuss all that and Gavrilo will help you come out of there with a solid business plan to help your idea take off.

How does it works?

Gavrilo proposes once in a while on the #oh-bizdev channel of our Slack a block of time, when he is available, and Hackuarium members having questions related to Gavrilo's field of expertise can book him, e.g. for 30 minutes. First-come, first-served.

Alternatively, any member of Hackarium interested in having a discussion can contact Gavrilo through the same Slack channel, and a new appointment can be arranged.

Examples of the Office Hours concept