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Slack is a tool we use internally at Hackuarium (members only) for online chat and project management notifications.
We strongly recommend you download and use all native applications, it is one of the core feature of Slack (but it works like a charm into your favorite browser too if you prefer that on your laptop/desktop).


How to get access?

  • Become a member >> Join
  • Ask Shalf repeatedly until he invites you (it will be via an email, so a. be precise re: the email you want to be used as your main ID, and b. check your spam folders / secondary inboxes)
  • Once you're all set, should work for you.

Should I email 36 Hackuarium members or use Slack?

Guess ;)

Is everyone on Hackuarium's Slack a member of the association?

Almost, but we have some special guests too.

How to fine tune it?

  • Turn off all Slack email notifications forever (it's meant to do that, kill internal email, not to add more noise)
  • Install mobile apps everywhere, connect all your slack accounts on each and every device, fine tune notifications on said devices
  • Everytime you're not sure about where or who to ask, go to Slack by default. It's always the second best idea if you're not in the lab or alone there. First best idea being sharing a beer when a fellow member who can help is in the lab with you.

Ideas for Admins