20170201 Board meeting

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Agenda of the Board Meeting

Date: Wednesday, February 1st, 19.30-20.30pm
Place: UniverCité, 3rd floor meeting room



  • Luc


  • Yann
  • Sam
  • Gianpaolo
  • Ana
  • Anne-Laure
  • Vanessa



Welcome address

(Luc, 1 min)

Point 0: public minutes

(Luc, 1 min)

Get ok from all board members to upload minutes on wiki (or else discuss alternative below)


Point 1: Moving

(Luc, 1 min)

Thank you all for your help! I think we were very efficient and achieved a great deal!

Any question regarding the storage or the temporary space? Any comment/suggestion?

We need to make sure everyone can reclaim their space and adapt it to their need.

Point 2: Future

(Luc, 3 min)

Vanesa, Yann, Gianpaolo and Luc discussed with Benoît Dubuis. The notes of the meeting can be found here.

Not much new but the space will probably look like this:

possible plan

Yann: Yeah it's almost this, the space will be a bit smaller but in essence it follows this.

Booking and signup for autoclave so that we know who uses it.

Fingerprint lock for lab door agreed.

No food, no drinks policy until we move back up.

Point 3: Events

(Luc, 3 min)

  • Water Drop kit building workshop on Sunday February 5th, 12:00-18:00
  • GA will be happening on February 8th at 19:30. Luc will send a reminder email to all members after the board meeting
  • Small CRISPR workshop on February 8th and 9th (after General Assembly and the next evening).
  • Wiki Sprint? While the renovation Feb - May. Encourager bioreactor team, microfluidic computing, the rest of active projects, etc...
  • Any other event planned? At Hackuarium or in collaboration with the community?

Point 4: Misc

(Luc, 5 min)

  • The meeting of DIYbio European communities will be coupled with the Biofabbing conference on May 10-13. Waiting for green light from Uni of Geneva. Will most likely happen at CERN, not in Renens. Marc Dusselier is taking the lead, asking what the Hackuarium community wants to contribute.
  • DIY Barcelona and Ricardo Muturberria (former Genspace Newyork) —> a meeting in sunny Bcn? DONE the first email to DIY BCN

Point 5: Projects

(Luc, 1 min)

  • Any particular comments regarding projects?
  • Any interest in pushing the projects from this doc?

Yann: I'm pushing mine on my side for now

  • LivingInstruments: 4 performances scheduled in London (4th April), Neuchâtel, London again and Appenzell.

Yann: Congratz! It's awesome

Point 6: Preparation for the General Assembly

(Luc, 30 min)

The agenda for the General Assembly can be found here

The issues of Philosophy, Role and Governance will be discussed at the General Assembly (see here), but there are a few points we should be agreeing with.

Reassess the board tasks -> for the first board meeting after the general assembly. Also work on tasks for all members?

Take pictures of all members -> paste them on the wall.

Wall for tasks -> Sam can explain the concept.

Common projects -> to gather members around common goals

Achievements of Hackuarium over the past 3 years

Please contribute to the list, so that we know what we believe was achieved by Hackuarium as a community.

  • Create a community where members share skills and contribute to projects that would not have been possible otherwise.
  • Create a space that can provide projects with infrastructures they would not have accessed otherwise.
  • Organise events that broaden the interest of members.


Maybe build a document similar to the Code of Conduct Octanis has written here?


Based on the achievements, should we keep what we have done best as a community, and focus on this?
Yann: I still believe the best we did were the OH.
Sam: place that is remote from daily business.
Vanessa: place to do things and meet people who can help you make projects happen.
Ana: thought it was a place where people share skills with the general public, specific knowledge.
Gianpaolo: playground of wonder, need more interaction with people from the building.
Anne-Laure: space as a magnet attracting people and projects and making the place unique.

What is the role of Hackuarium, in relation to other associations (Octanis, HammerDirt, etc.) and other branded projects (BeerDeCoded, Water Drop, etc.)?
Yann: What about startup and other commercial, closed entities ?

What should we expect from these projects, and what should they expect from us?

Basically, should we clarify/specify financial and communication contributions?
Yann: Yes this should also follow a set of rules.


Do we want to change the governance system?
Yann: Absolutely : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15ARwPUZ4cHjsW-Ln0zprL5_79EtrDg_xYbWbdIWZVUs/edit#gid=0

Do we want to distribute responsibility for communication, social media, etc.?
Yann: Absolutely and for more than just this. ALL (literally all) the members have to be involved