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Agenda of the General Assembly

Date: Mercredi 8 février 2017, 19h30-21h30
Date: Wednesday, February 8th 2017, 19.30-21.30

Lieu: 1er étage Ateliers de Renens, Chemin du Closel 5
Place: 1st floorAteliers de Renens, Chemin du Closel 5

Pour rappel, les status de l'association Hackuarium sont disponibles ici.
As a reminder, the status of the Hackuarium association can be found here (in French only).

Note: Cette assemblée générale sera tenue principalement en français si la majorité des membres présents n'y voit pas d'inconvénient. Tout membre est libre de parler dans sa langue de prédilection, sachant que la majorité parle français et anglais. La documentation ci-dessous est en anglais pour permettre aux participants qui ne parleraient pas le français de prendre connaissance des sujet. Si vous ne parlez pas l'anglais, n'hésitez-pas à demander une traduction de cet agenda au comité de l'association. Nous nous efforceront de répondre aux requêtes, dans la mesure de nos moyens.

Notice: This General Assembly will be mostly held in French, as long as the majority of members feels comfortable with it. If you do not speak any French, the following document contains all points at the agenda. If you have any question, please contact the committee.



  • Luc as president




Welcome address

(Luc, 2 min)

Approval of Financial Statement + Board Discharge

Luc (5min)

Financial statement

Label In Out Total
Solde du compte 3,754.95
Cotisations 2016 5,900
Dons 2016 62.25
Cartes 2016 350
Projets 2016 6,376.45
Total In 12,388.25
Soutien aux projects   4,723.6
Minigrants   673.74
Biochinage   239.03
Evénements   800.2
Food and Drinks   1,015.5
UCmakerspace   150
Matériel et consommables   2,568.53
Website   32.5
Frais divers   549
Frais bancaires   46.2
Total Out   10,798.3
Exercice 2016   5,645.35

Board Discharge

The composition of the board since the last general assembly (January 2016) was as follow:

General updates

Status of UniverCité

The notes of the meeting with Benoît Dubuis, President of Inartis Foundation can be found here.

We have an open consultation in order for the board to be able to give feedback before the end of February. A meeting dedicated to this issue will be organised.


The space will probably look like this:

possible plan
2nd lvl plan

Update Association

At this point, it is clear that Hackuarium needs to reposition itself according to the needs and vision of its community. During 1 hour, we will discuss the philosophy, the role and the format of the association and it's activities. These points were rapidly discussed at the last board meeting but the whole community needs to get involved.

We should absolutely talk about all the following points, and stick to a 1-hour discussion. Any discussion running for too long will be interrupted and another meeting planned to discuss in more details.

Collab notes can be done live together on this google doc


In this section we will discuss what is the unique philosophy of Hackuarium.

  • What makes our initiatives different from other initiatives in science, education, innovation, entrepreneurship
  • Why are we interested in doing the things we do the way we do them?
  • Should everyone pledge to support this philosophy first, and then their personal interest?


In this section we will discuss what is the unique value proposition for Hackuarium.

  • What role should the association have in this context?
  • Who composes the target audience? What is the added value for individuals?
  • What added value the association has for other initiatives like Octanis, Biodesign, etc.?
  • Who gets the credit? This has been a major issue over the past few months and need to be clarified.


In this section we will discuss what what is the best way to reach these goals.

  • Where can we best get advice on this issue? This problem has been building and killing communities in the past. Who can we contact to get some insights on best practices?
  • How to have a community-driven association while ensuring that milestones are achieved? The football team vs autonomous approach?
  • How to best collaborate with
  • How to deal best with representation?
  • Should Hackuarium have any form of central control or not? (Example: one project has a media appearance planned. Should the board member responsible for communication give a green light?)


In this section we will discuss what is the concrete actions Hackuarium members should take to fulfil the role of the association and respect its philosophical goals.

  • What sort of activities should be organised by Hackuarium?
  • What should be the message to the outside world (media, public)?
  • Who should be responsible for these activities?
  • The board thinks it is a good idea take pictures of all members and paste them on the wall to create a portfolio of participants.
  • We also created a wall for tasks -> Sam can explain the concept.
  • We would like to work more on common projects -> to gather members around common goals

Update Projects

Any project that wish to present an update should do so at this point.

New members and onboarding

  • How to join?
- write to 
- read this page about joining
- pay monthly fee (20 CHF per month)
- ask for a card
  • New members?

Anyone willing to join now? Go talk to Luc

Election: Board

(Yann P, 5min)

The composition of the board will be re-evaluated at this general assembly.

- What it means to be part of the board has to be decided by the board.


Toutes les positions sont à repourvoir. Veuillez vous annoncer auprès d'un membre du comité si vous désirez être sur la liste des candidats.

Les rôles des members du comité seront distribués à la prochaine réunion et communiqués par email à tous les membres.

New Candidates

Auditeurs comptes

We need independent (not board members) accountants to verify the association accounts for validation.

Closing remarks

Next events

Open Discussion

Other topics of discussion outside the scope of the general assembly