20161024 Board meeting

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Agenda of the Board Meeting

Date: Monday, October 24th, 19.30-21.30pm
Place: UniverCité



  • Luc as president


  • Yann P.
  • Sam
  • Ana
  • Gianpaolo


  • Anne-Laure


Welcome address

(Luc, 2 min)

Point 0: public minutes

(Luc, 1 min)

Get ok from all board members to upload minutes on wiki (or else discuss alternative below)

Objections? NO

Point 1: Actionables

To members:
-> send invoice for membership fee -> Luc (up to end July, then for 3 months) -> DONE
-> Send a summary with membership fees and conditions -> Send with invitation to General Assembly on Friday 28th October.
-> Ask each members to find an idea for a 3h workshop in 2017 (Yann: Who's idea? Plan to implement it?) -> Send with invitation to General Assembly
-> Next General Assembly on Wednesday December 14th (during Openhackuarium #128, followed by a fondue)

To board members:
-> Next board meeting is on 28th November
-> Identify and break down tasks for the board (2 hours a week + list of tasks) -> DONE here
-> Each of the board members think of tasks they can give to members and supervise -> NOT DONE
-> Every board member should really take care of motivating members -> let's insist this time again
-> Update list of projects, identify those that need help -> WHO?

-> Every board member sends an email/call to 2-3 active projects -> WHO?

  • check where they are
  • what is stopping them
  • what would they need to come more often
  • report at the next board meeting

-> Sam makes primary twitter channel and see how many unfollow (1month)
-> Gianpaolo and Sam are are charge of monitoring here until the next General Assembly

Point 2: Project Updates

It is important that every board member stays up to date with all main projects. Add link when relevant.

Hackuarium in general


Need a model to standardize and organize workshops execution. -> work in progress with UC working group
Can we get a zone on the wiki or the website accessible only to members where the can get workshop lists with protocols? -> encourage workshop documentation.
How is the income shared ? -> costs covered

"How to?" videos

Yann finds a few people to run a workshop making videos

Experiment Shelf

We talked about this several times but it would be time to set it up. We could organize a shelf were boxes contain experiments you can do on your own for a small price (2 to 10 bucks).

Project Proposition

A thing I realize when looking at how octanis worked is that they proposed to people small tasks to carry part of a bigger project.
I have ideas, I have to focus my time on other things. Can we make a project proposal page to our members ?

UniverCité Community meeting

Update from Yann (5 min)

Take home from the co-creation for UC

P1 implementation

Update from Yann P. (5min)

  • Zone built
  • Being furnished
  • Documentation to be pushed forward (1 short blog post)
  • Plan first experiments


Update from Gianpaolo (5min)

Good samples (39) Process launched at UniL Genomic Facility. Next steps for them 1) purif 2) QC test 3) 2nd PCR 4) QC test 5) actual sequencing

Bad samples: Isabelle confirmed on nanodrop UniL that the DNA is dirty (contaminated). No more progress as good weather for her first project.

Next steps at Hackuarium:

  • train new people to do the tests (pipetting workshop already planned)
  • news on the DIY nanodrop?


Update from Sam (5min)


Update from Vanessa (5min)

Yann: What is Hybridoa?

Workshops UC Calendar

Darty Monkeys

Update from Vanessa (5min)

Yann: What is this again ?

Luc: How is it different from Hybridoa?

Point 3: Finance and Funding Applications

Loterie Romande

A new application was submitted at the Loterie Romande for 20'000 CHF. Deadline on October 15th.


Luc has a list here, and will keep writing emails as soon as he has time.
Q (Yann): Should we also aim at companies ? Nestlé, Thermo, Merks, Roche ... Some might not be "delicate" since people might become unhappy if they see Bayer or DARPA as cash income.
A (Luc): What do we need cash for? We need specific projects to apply for anything. I am ok with any source that is not cigarettes or military. Sponsors and funding: it takes a lot of time to built trust. Anyone welcome to go ahead and start building relationships. Yann: Will start with Nestlé. Got some clue how to.

Point 4: Future of the association

Luc (10 min)

After a discussion on Wednesday 5th October, there is a clear need to realign visions and plan the future of the association.

What I suggest is to discuss tonight WHAT we need to work on, and who will take responsibility. Then we can present something at the General Assembly in December, to be voted in early 2017 in a extraordinary meeting of the members.

Anyone else wants to add something?

Point 5: Upcoming OpenHackuarium nights

It is important that we announce events and stick to the plan. We already discussed the issue at the last board meeting and little has been done.

Already planned

  • 2016.11.02 Wednesday 19:30-22:00: Openhackuarium vol. 122 Epidemium and Echopen: when Open Source meets Pharma and Medtech
  • Future events

    Molecular Biology day/evening

    Luc (3 min)

    Move to 2017

    • WHEN? 2017 Wednesday 19:30-22:00
    • WHO? Luc + Gianpaolo + young researchers from neighbouring institutions. Let's make a list and contact them.
    • WHAT? Discussion around the state of the art as well as basic mol biol technologies.

    Topics to be included in the discussion:

    • DNA (5 min introduction)
    • Genes (5 min introduction)
    • GM (how it is applied in bacteria, years, cells, animal, plants)
    • CRISPR (5 min introduction to the technique, and why it's hype)
    • Biotech (5 min on why all this is relevant)

    Point 6: Other Events

    • Gianpaolo's pipette & beyond workshop (9th November)
    • Bacteria Striking workshop (11th November)
    • PCB design (12th November)
    • Ethics discussion (2017, in collaboration with Bruno Strasser UNIGE)
    • DIYbio EU meeting, 10-13 May 2017, organised with Bruno Strasser (University of Geneva), a research symposium about DIYbio before the DIYbio EU meeting.

    Point 7: Infrastructure & IT

    (Sam, 5 min)

    Point 8: Hacktion

    Point 9: Replication

    • Open nanodrop
    • Food computer
    • ?

    Point 10: Future Actionables