20160120 General Assembly

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Agenda of the General Assembly

Date: Wednesday, January 20th, 19.30-21.00pm
Place: UniverCité
Pour rappel, les status de l'association Hackuarium sont disponibles ici.
As a reminder, the status of the Hackuarium association can be found here (in French only).



  • Luc as president




Welcome address

(Luc, 2 min)

General update

About Hackuarium, UniverCité and else
(Luc, 5 min)

New Website

Sam a travaillé dur pour nous proposer un nouveau site internet. Le comité va le compléter d'ici au prochain board meeting le 4 février 2016 et vous informer de sa mise en ligne.

New UniverCité community manager

UniverCité has hired Juliette Davenne as a new community manager. Her tasks are not fully defined, but Carmelo Bisognano can provide more information if required.

She will be responsible for providing drinks (tea, coffee, beers, etc.) in the cafeteria for a decent price. More to come.

She is however not responsible for taking care of the waste disposal, so please behave and help when you can.

She will fix everybody's access card from now on.

  • If you are a new member and need a new card, it will cost you 50 CHF. Send her and email with me in copy with a passport size photograph. Then follow the instructions.
  • If you are an existing member, please send me your card number so it can be activated for all relevant accesses.

For any question regarding the life at UniverCité, contact Juliette via her preferred email or via this email for google products.

New Made@ Workshop Fees

Since September 2015, the association was 150 CHF monthly for all members.

The new rules for 2016 (starting January) are:

50.- /day (25.-, 40.-, 20.-)
170.- /month (85.-, 130.-, 60.-)
1200.- /year (600.-, 900.-, 450.-)
(-50% students, -25% members Hackuarium)
Free on Wednesday nights and Friday nights

Contact Marc Wettstein for more information.

Update Association

Yann P.: 10 - 15 minutes.


  • What's new with the lab
  • New upcoming projects

New members and onboarding

  • How to join?
- write to hello@hackuarium.ch 
- read this page about joining
- pay monthly fee (20 CHF per month)
- ask for a card
  • New members?

Anyone willing to join now? Go talk to Luc

Approval of Financial Statement + Board Discharge

Luc (5min)

Financial statement

Label In Out Total
Cotisation 2014 680
Dons 2014 90
Cartes 2014 0
Cotisation 2015 5120
Dons 2015 1616.30
Cartes 2015 350
Cotisation 2016 660
Dons 2016 0
Cartes 2016 50
Total In 8516.3
Dépenses 2014   2.15
Dépenses 2015   4249.6
Dépenses 2016   591.83
Total Out   4843.58
Balance   3672.72

Details of spendings for 2015 are as follow:

Label In Out Total
Biochinage   1054.6
Apéros   315
UCmakerspace   450
Matos   1568.75
Website   81.05
BeerDeCoded   755
Frais   25.2
Total Out   4249.6

Board Discharge

The composition of the board since the last general assembly (April 2015) was as follow:

  • Luc Henry, Président-trésorier
  • Yann Heurtaux, Vice-Président
  • Michal Masternak, Secrétaire
  • Yann Pierson, Lab Manager
  • Jonathan Sobel, Membre
  • Ana Roldan, Membre
  • Sam Sulaimanov, Membre
  • Clément Drevot, Membre
  • Vanessa Lorenzo, Membre
  • Anne-Laure Pittet, Membre

Election: Board

Yann P, 5min

The composition of the board will be re-evaluated at this general assembly.

- What it means to be part of the board.

(Luc, 2min)



  • Luc Henry, Président-trésorier, élu
  • Michal Masternak, Secrétaire, élu
  • Yann Pierson, Lab Manager, élu
  • Ana Roldan, Membre, élue
  • Sam Sulaimanov, Membre, élu
  • Vanessa Lorenzo, Membre, élue
  • Anne-Laure Pittet, Membre, élue

La position de vice-président est à repourvoir. Elle le sera à la prochaine réunion du board.

New Candidates

  • Gianpaolo Rando, élu

Auditeurs comptes

(Luc, 5min)

  • 2 people?

Introducing Vision & Community Survey

Yann P. (10 min)

  • Vision lab manager
  • Where we could be going (tech-wise)

Luc (2 min)

  • Community Survey

Vanessa (5 min)

  • Vision statement art, design, scientific projects.

Closing remarks

Luc (2 min)


Other topics of discussion outside the scope of the general assembly

Gianpaolo Rando

Update on BeerDeCoded

Richard Timsit
A discussion about the Fablab and relation with Hackuarium