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Welcome to our Press kit.


Please get in touch with a Board member, using the following email. You can also check who are the current Board Members. Always happy to set up special meeting dates, esp if the Wednesday #OH might not work for you.

Veuillez prendre contact avec un membre du comité, en utilisant l'adresse électronique dessus. Vous pouvez également vérifier avec l'autre lien dessus, qui sont les membres actuels du comité. Tout le monde sera heureux de fixer des dates de réunions particuliers, surtout si le soirée #OH ne marchera pas.

A propos

A propos d'Hackuarium

See also the Reading List on our old Main Page.

Over the years, various on-line events have been recorded: a non-exhaustive list of links is provided.

Here is our most recent newsletter and here is the archive of our previous newsletters! / Voici notre dernière newsletter et les anciennes archivées!

To note: we try to make most things bilingual, and are always glad for more help...

à noter: nous essayons de rendre la plupart des choses bilingues, et nous sommes toujours heureux d'avoir de l'aide...

Peer-reviewed articles and more

Peer-Reviewed Articles from Hackuarium projects

1) BeerDeCoded

2) Participatory research to examine lake water quality (MCBP)

3) Corona Detective

4) Review on Isothermal Amplification (method used for Corona Detective and more!)

Special prize-winning article

  • 2021 written with JOGL colleagues and appeared in PLOS Biology: Empowering grassroots innovation to accelerate biomedical research


Communiqués de presse

la qualité de l'eau du lac (2024)

l'ancien sur la biodiversité des mycelia (à sauver les abeilles ?) / mycelia/bee crowdfunding

Autres infos

le page wiki sur notre status d'association d'utilité publique.

le page de projets

Revue de presse



  • 2 December An article Musique expérimentale: Micro-organismes, levures… Les instruments vivants montent le son, half of it especially around the story of the project, Living Instruments, came out in the journal Liberation. (FR)
  • 21 Sept again from 20Min, result summary article bioindicator levels actually lower during Jazz (with no rain from 6-18July this year) ...
  • 29 June again from 20Min, from their blog, a video! et voilà encore de Montreux! Vernex site with swimmer. Still very glad the Jazz was not put off by the first article, and happy they present it as their idea. LOL
  • 27 April 'click-bait title' front page headline story on Montreux water quality in 20Min. Lost the whole DIT research idea, sadly, even though started from an article proposed by Maurice. But, it made a splash... & finally resulted in some response from the municipal group. The collaboration with the Jazz for monitoring this summer is happening, with the more 'green' R-Cards for E. coli and coliform counts to be used instead of the old fashioned petri dishes (see image in gallery above). The sampling campaign will go for 8 weeks of the summer from about 15June to 5 August(FR)


  • 27 May An article about the BBK science festival, including our 'Corona Detective' workshop, run in 4 spaces in 3 countries... (ES)
  • August A biohacking story on - English version German version

Two Peer-reviewed articles, a review, and a prize winning essay, were also published in 2021.

Special prize-winning article written with JOGL colleagues appeared in PLOS Biology: Empowering grassroots innovation to accelerate biomedical research

  • October A blog post about the water quality monitoring study was published by the British Ecological Society.



  • May 8 An article about the workshop for the project OpenFoodRepo DNA (EN)