Fun with fungi

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Fun With Fungi

Fun with fungi

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1. Introduction

This is a Hackuarium Wiki Page on the "Fun With Fungi" project.

We hope to put more discussions and contributions into this Hackuarium Wiki very soon.

2. Key Topics

  • What are fungi?

- any of diverse group of spore-producing organisms, which feed on organic matter, including moulds, yeast and mushrooms

RA's first attempt to grow mycelia on moss and also bullrush straw... The moss worked well!
  • Mycelial Growth (can be on a variety of substrates and in 'in vitro' or liquid cultures)
  • How fungi communicate
  • Save the bees (with fungi). A follow up of the Hackuarium "BeeMos" and ''OpenFoodRepo DNA'' projects

3. Participatory Research

Yngvar at a mushroom conference!  Please note all the samples on the table behind him!

We hope to do more metagenomic analyses for participatory research on mycelial biodiversity, including the intriguing possibility that mycelia might help save the bees!

Our latest crowdfunding campaign launched on 8Feb23, and we hope it helps us do this seriously, to allow not only extraction of complex samples and MinION kits etc needed for the barcoding, as for our OpenFoodRepo DNA work... but also growth of mycelia on beehive inserts, to provide for bees, to test how they might help bees prosper, as previously published work by other mushroom experts suggests.)

Further Fun!

Mycelia are also great inspiration for bioart works and biostructural and food ideas to help reduce carbon footprints...

We have some new results on their growth patterns in petri dishes... Light indeed, as suspected, makes a difference!

You can get involved, too!