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Agenda of the Board Meeting

Date: Thursday, Feb 4th, 19.30-20.30pm
Place: UniverCité




  • Yann Pierson
  • Anne-Laure
  • Gianpaolo


  • the rest


Welcome address

(Luc, 2 min)

Point 0: public minutes

(Luc, 1 min)

Get ok from all board members to upload minutes on wiki (or else discuss alternative below)
Objections? No

Point 1

E-mail from Yann who left the board:

Hi gang,

I'm soon removing myself from this email redirection.

1. Who should I add to it? -> according to the list
2. Who should be with Luc (but not me anymore) receiving hello@hackuarium.ch emails, if anyone? -> Luc only
3. Who should added as FB admins or receive Twitter credentials? -> give them both to Luc, will share
4. I keep receiving phone calls from our Google maps point, will soon remove my phone. Someone wants to be Wednesday nights point of contact? -> cancel function completely

-> business cards for each board member (same template as before)

Point 2: Clarify the tasks within the board

(Yann P, 10 min)

More clearly: members onboarding
Clarify who does what and update it on the wiki here.

  • Yann focuses on P1 and lab as usual
  • Luc keeps doing the marketing, assign 1-2 projets to each board member
  • Anne-Laure (with Vanessa) deal with events and merchandising
  • Looks for small problems and try to fix them

Point 3: Upcoming Events

Blockchain #OpenHackuarium

  • WHEN?

- Tuesday February 9th 2016

  • WHO?

- Cellabz (Nicolas Loubet and Clément Epié, Paris) - Anyone at Hackuarium?

  • WHAT?

- A joint evening with Fixme? on blockchain technology.

Arduino Day

  • WHEN?

- Saturday April 2nd 2016

  • WHO?

- Sasha Iatsenia <s.iatsenia@gmail.com> from Fixme - Anyone at Hackuarium?

  • WHAT?

- see pad

-> Anne-Laure will coordinate the participation of Hackuarium members.

Invitation to the NCCR Chemical Biology

Yann P. (3min)

Invite the NCCR at Hackuarium to participate to talks and debates.

  • WHEN?

- End of 2016

  • WHO?

- Was proposed from Pheadra Simistek (direct organiser of NCCR events)

  • WHAT?

- Invite the best biohackers to give presentations and further explain our purpose to academics.

-> Yann starts a Google doc and ask for everyone's contribution (add link here).

Point 4: Plan for P1 implementation

Yann P. (10min)


  • Talk about our method to get there and start drawing guidelines to carry this project in a clean way.
  • Online work document
  • Build team
  • Main actors (Benoît, his contacts)
  • Material, programs
  • etc... to discuss it, brainstorm etc.
  • Work in progress as a canvas to start building the idea as a group