Workshop Makerspaces Underground meets the Upperground

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Workshop : how to study makerspaces ?


A 2-days immersive workshop hosted at Univercité (UC) and focused on the rich ecosystem of hackerspaces and makerspaces that inhabit UC and Les Ateliers de Renens : Hackuarium, MadeUC, Fixme, Fablab Renens, Co-working space, etc... The aim was to share, prototype and experiment with new approaches to study urban spaces of creativity. The team contacted UC previously to organize the workshop,they also contacted Hackuarium and came personally in several occasions for a visit. During the workshop they integrated, observed and collaborated with some of us.


18th and 19th May, 2017 - Renens, Switzerland

What's the 'Middleground'?

(from their site) Creative, hacker, doer and maker communities. 'Middleground' would be the “a critical intermediate structure linking the underground to the upperground” [The Anatomy of the Creative City, Cohendet], where Upperground it is considered as the ensemble of formal institutions and Underground is considered the creative, artistic and cultural activities without formal production, exploitation or diffusion.


Notes and Results of the Workshop by Clément Renaud here


(from their site) A special thanks goes to all the participants for their energy and ideas: Grégory Bahde, Anaïs Bloch, Marylaure Bloch, Siyu Chen, Matei Gheorghiu, Luis Gomez, Nur Hamdan, Nicola Nova, Richard Marion, Emanuele Protti, Vivien Roussel, Gabriela Sanchez, Peter Troxler, Monique Bolli, Clément Renaud, Marc Laperrouza and Florence Graezer Bideau.
We would also like to thank Univercite for hosting us and Christophe Rouillet for all his help regarding the organization, Michelle Dedelley and Vanessa Lorenzo Toquero for joining us for the session of questions and the members of Hackuarium for welcoming us the day of their general assembly.