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Who I am

doing micronuclei tests in the lab with Javier

Graduated from a Bachelor in Plant Biotechnology in the University of Concepcion in Chile and a MSc. in Life Sciences in the HES-SO at Switzerland, I have acquired a good experience in cell, micro and molecular biology. I have worked with different techniques such as anaerobic digestion, microbial characterization, cell culture, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, chemiluminescence, electrochemistry and protein identification by mass spectrometry. I have developed an immunoassay to detect the C-reactive protein on carbon electrodes through the use of chemiluminescence and electrochemiluminescence.

Currently, I have a strong interest in metabarcoding for plant species with a project of molecular characterization of pollen. You can find more information in the page BeeMoSeq. As a president of the association of (ICES) - Chilean Researchers in Switzerland, my goal is to create a bond between the conscious science from Hackuarium and the Chilean community in Switzerland to promote the collaborative work between both countries and a shared knowledge.

Out of the laboratory I love to cook, going for long walks, meditate with my lovely wife and swimming.

How to contact me

Email me at: ortizjavier(dot)ch(at)gmail(dot)com

What I have been working on at Hackuarium

I got into the biohacking world because I would like to transform the current science and being an agent of transition especially in these times we are living, when all value is related to money and not about deep understanding. As a professional, I strongly believe that each one of us have a particular value to be shared and we should not standardize people upon their capabilities, but putting together all these different motivations in a common goal by using conscious science, collaborative research and a Do-It-Together approach.

I helped to “Médecins sans frontiers (MSF)” with the project Antibio-Go, which consisted in a mobile application to detect antibiotic resistance in countries where the access to diagnostic tests is limited. Next to Rachel, we provided our expertise for the microbial plate cultures and the antibiotic resistance assays. For more information you may visit Antibiogo MSF.

Last but not least, I am currently the Deputy Biosecurity Officer for the Hackuarium laboratories, so I can be your tour guide through our installations if you decide to join us to do your own project or to collaborate in an existing one... cof, cof ... BeeMoSeq =D.