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Who I am

Currently a PhD candidate at the Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology. I did my MSc at the Unil, which is how I got to know Hackuarium. While, for now, I have the excellent facilities and budget of a national research environment at my disposal, I am passionate about democtratizing science literacy but also capability. My personal reseach focus is on synthetic biology, specifically gene regulatory networks. My training is now expanding into microfluidics and cell-free transcription and translation reactions. I consider my current research as an instrumental goal - towards my final goals of learning to speak the languages of life (DNA code, reaction patterns, self assembly) and finding ways to communicate actively with it. As human practice, science is a social construct embedded within our culture and as avant garde it shares its place with art (I refute the division of art and science as they are both essentiall practices to find/construct meaning). Thus, I not only aim to communicate science as advertizement for STEM, but look for aesthetic transformations of my research that are accessible by any inquisitive mind, pretrained or not.

How to contact me

Ask Rachel to reach out to me