Urban gardens with rhizobial bacteria and AGiR!

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The initial trial for urban gardens with rhizobial bacteria tests will soon begin.

The rhizobial strain needed for peas has been ordered from ATCC.

two trays are ready and a set of bio pea seeds.
half will be sprouted in the tray with no inoculum, and half in the tray also containing harvested bacteria.
(conc to be decided still)

percentage germination for both trays will be quantitated

Will have recruits (participants) that have home gardens (potager)

Ideally, participants will take a dozen of each sprout (inoculated and control), and after a few weeks of growth look closely at roots for 2 of each batch, trying to quant number of nodules per cm...
Number of plants to adulthood (making crop) will be scored, then finally number of pods and number of peas will be also obtained.
From 10 plants (or 12 in cases where the nodule counts don't ruin everything - if care taken, possible) could get good . numbers.

How many seeds in packet?
How many people are interested?

what do they take them home in? more of same soil (sterile??)

If possible soils used for 2nd test (?? just from resid plants in tray tests)