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Romain C :

On the 27.08.15, I constated some bugs with the shaking incubator. Gustavo figured out and changed the battery to fix it. The old one was dead and the machine could not remember its settings causing it to shake at maximum speed. The new battery (a cell phone battery) seemed to work well, but during the night it bugged again and we found it facing the wrong direction in the morning.

Today, the 28.08.15 we will fix and start it at 12:10 at 120 rpm to find out if it can hold for 24 hours with the new battery.

In case it goes crazy again during the night, I taped the wire to a heavy object. If it turns, the object falls and unplug the machine. It's only temporary of course...


Next update tomorrow.. or little later.


The incubator seems to hold for about 3-5 hours before going crazy. Luckily, the security works. It's not usable in those conditions since we can not use it overnight.