Openhackuarium vol. 75

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  • Main language this week: French
  • Theme : Monitoring pollution
  • Date : Wed., Dec. 2nd, 2015. Doors opening 7pm, presentations at 7.30pm



Members : Chloe Dickson, Yoann Lapijover, Benjamin Bonnal, Micha Burger

BeMap is a bike lamp alternative featuring GPS tracking, and sensors measuring pollution along your cycling route. Cyclists can gather pollution data about their surroundings in order to chose their path to work according to pollution levels using the BeMap Editor.

The basic configuration features Swiss sensors for measuring NO2 and CO levels as well as Humidity and Temperature. We developed BeMap for the iCan contest (International Contest of Application in Nano-micro Technology).

More on their website and on their Facebook page.

Practical Info (access, map, etc.)

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