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  • Main language this week: English
  • Theme : How to design, prototype and build from scratch a simple, accurate, cheap spectrophotometer, or anything?
  • Date : Wednesday, November 7th, 2018. Doors open at 7pm, presentations at 7.30pm

Main topic: How to design, prototype and build from scratch a simple, accurate, cheap spectrophotometer, or anything?

The Hackuarium & Octanis team behind, represented by Océane & Luc Patiny, will explain how they designed, prototyped and now produce a simple, precise, cheap spectrophotometer. From scratch to cool, Do-It-Together style. You do not need a piece of equipment costing several thousands CHF/euros/dollars to teach and learn this great biology and chemistry technique, spectrophotometry.

Any freelancer, entrepreneur, student, project leader, teacher, curious mind can learn a thing or two thanks to this approach. If your last biology experience was around age 14, even better: come to see how different and easy the Hackuarium approach to it and other sciences or arts might be ;)

Please, RSVP on Meetup, and share widely on Facebook if you like that, for us to be able to prepare the room for you accordingly!

"The goal [was] to create a simple spectrophotometer that measures the absorbance of a sample at 3 different light colors (red, green, blue), is autonomous (on battery) and displays the result on a LCD screen. The initial idea was that you could teach spectrophotometry without having to buy an expensive instrument, since you can find experiments that does not require a specific light wavelength. This includes optical density for bacteria culture, determination of a pigments concentration in a solution, determination of the kinetic of a reaction and many others."

Smurf candy and its typical blue color might have been involved at some point, but no smurfette was harmed during those experiments.


General comments

Intro to Hackuarium, and: we have moved out!

You might have heard we are moving (out, up, any direction you like).
That's right, we emptied our lab at the 2nd floor of Les Ateliers de Renens, Closel 5, CH-1020 Renens (VD), over the past month. We are still exploring new opportunities for a space, after 4 years in that building where our association, lab, and most importantly, community, were born.
This is then officially our first nomadic #OpenHackuarium (number 227, that's a lot of Wednesdays), kindly hosted by our now ex-neighbors at the 3rd floor, MassChallenge Switzerland. We voted during our last General Assembly to try and make them a regular contribution to our now past first ecosystem.

tl;dr So long and thanks for all the fish, we'll keep sharing!

Future events

Still cooking. Yes, melted cheese might be on the menu.

Other topics

How to help us relocate?


Practical Info (access, map, etc.)

cf. #OpenHackuarium We are now nomads! This means we are kindly hosted on the 3rd floor of Ateliers de Renens, Closel 5, CH-1020 Renens (VD), by our now ex-neighbors, MassChallenge.