Openhackuarium vol. 109

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  • Main language this week: English
  • Theme : The Patchwork community (Lausanne) will visit La Nébuleuse and Hackuarium.
  • Date : Wednesday August 3rd, 2016. From 7pm

What is Patchwork?

Two ateliers in Renens –atelier6- and in Lausanne centre –tivoli14-.
Two places dedicated to creation and sharing.
Two cultural spaces proposing exposition, workshops and courses open to everybody


- visit to La Nébuleuse (reserved to members of Patchwork)
- visit to Hackuarium
- presentation of Patchwork
- from beer and science: presentation of BeerDeCoded
- presentation of Bience (tbc)


Patchwork BeerDeCoded La Nébuleuse

Practical Info (access, map, etc.)

cf. #OpenHackuarium