Openhackuarium vol. 107

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  • Main language this week: English/French
  • Theme : Pole2Pole: A Mike Horn adventure feat. BangBang agency (and Hackuarium?)
  • Date : Wednesday, July 20th, 2016. Doors opening 7.30pm, presentations at 8 pm

Laure and Fabiana are the co-founders of Bang Bang Agency, a marketing agency specialised in positive and responsible communication. They will present the work they do with Mike Horn and how they were interested in a collaboration with the Hackuarium community.

Who is Mike Horn?

Mike Horn is a South African adventurer based in Switzerland. His moto: Explore, Learn, Act (ours is Demystify, Inspire, Innovate, but I guess it could be that as well).
He is currently on a 2 year trip around the world on a sailing boat called Pangaea.


Practical Info (access, map, etc.)

cf. #OpenHackuarium