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Heat blocks are used to defrost, incubate and heat-up 1.5ml aliquots. They can be static or shaking.

Shaking heat block

Pretty useful for incubating small amounts of micro-organisms or quickly un-thawing frozen samples. Those tools are pretty straightforward to use.

Shacking heatblock


A) Holding vials for 1.5ml aliquots
B) Displays the temperature and rotational speed
C) Buttons to setup temperature and rpm
D) Short-mix button: Will shake until released.
 ::Start button: Will start the shaking (the temperature increases as soon as the device is on)
E) On/Off switch (behind).


1) Do not shake an open aliquot
2) Don't go higher than 50°C. The static block is made for this.
3) Don't go higher than 700rpm. The device is not super health...
4) Put back into place once done


Bacteria likes to be shaken at 37°c and 300rpm. While unfreezing is quickly attained at 650rpm 37°C
You can go higher than 37°C but it's a bit pointless since it takes time to decrease the temperature. Use the static block for temperatures higher than 37°C.

Static Heat Block

The static heat block can reach higher temperatures than the shaking heat block. It is practical to denature proteins or evaporate small amounts of residual EtOH stuck on purification membranes.


It's pretty straightforward:
- Set the temperature with the wheel
- Look at display and wait until the temperature you need is reached.
- Put samples, close the lead, wait "et voilaaaa"
- Don't burn your fingers though...

NOTE: It is pretty slow and setting the correct temperature is sometimes a sport...