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The Innovation through Science Hacking event was held at our lab @ UniverCité on April, 28th 2015, from 7pm to late in the evening (beers involved). It was organized by the Innovation Forum Lausanne association, a local chapter of Innovation Forum, as a follow-up after Sachiko's participation to their inaugural event at the EPFL.

The event in itself was a great success, for 4 main reasons:

  • first time we had so much people in the room (we counted 53, maybe more)
  • it is always great to see Urs and Sachiko presenting cool stuff (questions could go on for hours)
  • Sam and Luc totally got our first-time guests a sense of the Hackuarium/UniverCité spirit
  • the La Nébuleuse beer + apéro time was terrific, great conversations occurred (thanks Ksenia & Carmelo)

What happened on social media

Slides from the speakers

From Innovation Forum:

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