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This last pandemic year has brought together a lot of open collaborative research, including...


The Corona Detective Project

The first 'workshop' of this method to detect the virus causing Covid-19, inspired by the GMO Detective, will be held on the evening of 9June21, and will be virtual, as part of the BBK open science festival!
We hope to have at least 4 labs (here, in Paris, in Bilbao, and in Zurich) running tests.

  • UPDATE. all 4 cities had great positive control results and no people positive... whew. (hope for video stream link ...)

The latest 'simple' protocol is available here, and your input is welcome.
Versions in French and Spanish are available too, already!

Here is our latest simple one page summary to seek more partners to help get this out where it is needed most!



This wiki page is under construction, to provide more information about this method for surveillance testing!


When the pandemic began, RA (as CSO of AGiR!) of course began some corona virus 'sequence gazing' ... Thomas Landrain's visit to Hackuarium was put off by 'lockdown' - but a big collaboration developed in the platform of his Just One Giant Lab (JOGL). RA got Guy and Fran in too, and one thing led to another...


Contact and lead:

  • Rachel Aronoff - Founder and CSO of AGiR! Action for Genomic integrity through Research!


  • Tatiana Eliseeva
  • Guy Aidelberg
  • Fran Quero
  • the whole JOGL 'project nucleic amplification team' and Thomas Landrain for support!
  • you?

Main Goals

Surveillance screening for Covid-19


  • open science collaboration to develop a sensitive molecular diagnostic method
  • testing and validation
  • manufacturing at scale, to obtain regulator approval for surveillance screening (also of those with no symptoms)

Recommendation + next steps

licensing agreements are needed! not only did extension of LAMP patent get approved, but there is a patent for the quasr detection method. (Sandia national labs)