Chocolate tasting 2016

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On 26 May 2016 was the 99th Open Hackuarium night at the space in Renens!
For the DIYbiology project of AGiR! we tasted chocolates!

They came from Richard Uldry of Gruyere - four of his fabulous dark 'grand cru' varieties. Conchage.jpg

Here is the link to a gallery of images!

15 people gave their opinions on their preferences. In the end, all four 'grand cru' chocolates were preferred to the commercially available dark chocolate!

Here is a link to a spreadsheet output with the data. [[1]]

Thank you very much to the Master Chocolate maker of Gruyere, Richard Uldry, for such a great 'atelier' Atelierchoc.jpg 50%cocoabutter.jpg and helping inspire us in this project…


Who would have guessed the white fruit around cocoa beans would have an almost banana flavour!?

Looking forward to see how all this might impact citizen science and the cheek cell project!

Thanks in advance to you too! :)

(and please let us know if you are interested in participating! - but first we need to quantify the flavanol levels! Any help in that regard would also be very appreciated!)

Here is more info about this project!!