Camera Obscura et les artefacts de l'invisible

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After several fruitful collaborations with actors of the DIY biology communities, Vanessa Lorenzo initiated her master diploma project at the HEAD in Geneva together with Biodesign for the Real World, a group of community of citizen scientists from Lausanne, Switzerland. With artist and biotech researcher Sachiko Hirosue from EPFL, she engaged with issues related to the understanding of the anthropocene. This approach lead her to conduct a field of study aimed at mapping how human socio-activity left its footprint on the Rhône Valley. Water samples collected along the way have been made visible through a camera obscura that represents environmental changes in the region since 1960’s. Details of the project can be found in Vanessa's blog. The camera obscura was entirely designed an developed with the priceless support of Marc Wettstein and other users from the biohackerspace Hackuarium and Makerspace at UniverCité.


Vanessa Lorenzo in collaboration with Sachiko Hirosue and Robin Schreiber from Biodesign for the Real World.

Collaborators and Credits

Hackuarium Hackteria Octanis Makerspace Univecité