2nd Hackuarium Wiki Sprint

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Welcome to the 2nd Hackuarium Wiki Sprint.

Basically the same as the 1st Ever Hackuarium Wiki Sprint: learn how to write a wiki, bring your documentation to share, or just join the atmosphere!


Sunday 29 March 2015
The hosts will be present from 13H30 till 18H30. You are welcome to come with your friends, family, any time during these hours!


Yours faithfully, the Hackuarium at 5 Ch. du Closel, 1020 Renens
For the map with the entry-way marked, go here.


Because we have done so many things, we want to share!
Because our hackpad is private, and on a cloud and can be slow.
Because it is easier to explain what we do when we can point to an active website.

How to Share Online?

Please do use your favorite social networks to share awesome pictures/videos/sounds during the day, we love them. We'll try to keep the conversation going using the #HckrmWikisprint hashtag (mostly via our twitter @hackuarium and maybe instagram a bit).
This will also be an Open event, so feel free to use our ol' classic #OpenHackuarium too.

Even better if you upload those on e.g. Wikimedia Commons, Flickr, YouTube or Soundcloud right after with a preferably Creative Commons Licence, for us to be able to credit you in a proper way in the future (we will).

What to Bring?

  • your laptop and whatever you need to work comfortably
  • your notes, your photographs (make it <300Kb)
  • something to drink and some snacks
  • some music to get you in the groove
  • your friends and family who are curious about Hackuarium

  • Links

    Here are some links you may want to take a look before you come (though not necessary - we will go over the main points:
    HOW TOs

  • Hoohm's project. Examples of how to create a project webpage on our wiki Hoohm project
  • How to wiki cheat sheet
  • Document or Die ! in our protocols (in progress)
  • igem 2014 wiki How-To
  • MediaWiki.org is the place for all - there is a good wiki editing reference page
  • Open Content – A practical guide to using Creative Commons licences via Wikimedia CH

  • Some Inspirations of Hackerspace / Community wikis
    It's all about finding the information, or is it?

  • Publiclab
  • Open Wetware
  • London Hackspace
  • hackteria wiki
  • biocurious
  • noisebridge
  • la paillasse
  • waag project page
  • Movilab, one of the most active and always surprising (in a good way) French wiki. About collaborative/sharing economy, places, and most of all, dynamics & communities. Must read if you can read French.
  • why not even minecraft wiki?
  • Inspiration from #P2PWikisprint