20190410 Board Meeting

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Agenda of the Board Meeting

Date: Wednesday, April 10th, 18.30-19.30pm
Place: 20 Route de Crochy, Ecublens - 'L'espace créateur'

Point 1: Attendance


  • Rachel


  • Olivier
  • Anne-Laure
  • Joel
  • Masoud


  • Vanessa
  • Yann

Welcome address

(Rachel, 1 min)

  • Public minutes

Get ok from all board members to upload minutes on wiki (or else discuss alternative below)

Objections? No

Point 2: Update from the Treasurer

(Masoud, x mins.)
The 2018 bouclement of accounts was approved by Anne-Laure.
Need PV of AG still with this info, including her official letter

  • Ask Oceane for the PV
  • Concerning credit card: we voted not to get one (complicates things, people pay first than present invoices to Masoud for reimbursements)
  • status of factures (member abonnements and old debts - i.e Nebuleuse, SwissMotionTech, LemanMake)
  • Masoud will ask for these debts (cotisations), update on next board meeting.
  • status for facturation system
  • Rachel will check with movers Harsch (movers) to ask last invoice (January), and send email to them.

Point 3: Biosafety & Lab management

(Rachel, 2 min)

First biosafety course given last Weds. 6 newly trained, with forms to turn in...
(next refresher for all, 8 May, or by special rdv)
Updates to wiki for biolab to come - who can make time for this too? With the wiki update

Informal visit from Bern BAFU people Key card system for the building up and running.
50chf per card (refundable, from members)
list from AG meeting - but all should go directly to Raffael or Sam for their cards.

Rachel will check Need controlled entry also for biolab. However, the current door will need modifications for this to work!
All in favor to order same system also for biolab space: YES for all (5 votes)
(door estimate from neighbor M Ramelet will be obtained )

order of cool stuff!
dinoflagellates etc!

Point 4: Events

  • Spectro Workshop 5april - 9 produced and functional ("gymnase" teachers)
  • FoodRepo DNA - 4may confirmé (with SwissDeCode and the EPFL Digital Epidemiology lab -> and a Minion sequencer!) => friday Rachel meets with them to coordinate
  • Pendaison de crémaillère: Me 12 juin 2019 DÈS 18h, envoyer annonce avant le 3 mai pour parution journal Ecublens le 3 juin.
  • Octobre : Grosse fête des 5 ans (info 30 août à journal locale pour parution 1 oct). date: 5 octobre
  • to note Cf. rentrée étudiante mi-septembre (journée accueil cf. Octanis) --
  • pea plant kick off with students of Ecublens, in discussion...

Point 5: Meeting with Commune Culture

Rachel et Joel, 10min

La réunion attendu si longtemps s'était bien déroulée!
Ils vont passer les infos de gens pour les projets:
murale (signalisation de lieu) pour demander au service des construction
semaine de la santé (fin octobre)
Union des sociétés d'Ecublens => vote prochain meeting (voir ce que ca implique d'ici la)
Bibliotech...Programme animations 2019 bouclé, à voir pour 2020, voir ce qu'on peut faire
Projet petits pois/symbiose
Ils sont très intéressé par nos activitées ouverte au public et va arriver pour la pendaison de crémailiaire!
et nous aider mettre une article dans le journal d'Ecublens. (3mai delai, pour juin apparition...)
Ils ont même une projet de Ruches, que Olivier peut aussi interagir...

Point 6: Other Business

Statut d'utilité public

Yann et Anne-Laure, 5 minutes.

  • UPDATE? Anne-Laure will check with Yann

Constitution d'un groupe de travail pour aider Masoud à compléter le dossier plus vite. Join the dedicated slack chan to contribute: wg-exoneration-fisc
Anne-Laure dispo pour ça et en train de le faire pour une autre orga.

Should we join some interesting organizations?

Shalf, 5 minutes.

  • UPDATE after positive votes last time

Other points

  • Next board meetings, 8May, 5June (as need last preps for 12June event!) and 10July. (to confirm, esp July)
  • Ateliers to propose, sur measure... with fees. to work on list/pick dates! (BeeMoS, SimpleSpectro, Micronuclei, Environmental Monitoring, Taste Genetics, oFoldscope, Living Instruments, others?? Across Association 'Cool tech' bday parties (Hackuarium and Octanis? Laser cut personalized puzzles?).
  • Workshop with fee: benefits should go 50% to project (as incentive), 50% to Hackuarium.
  • Newsletter (mailchimp) to include all Hackuarium members / update email addresses => people should subscribe on www.hackuarium.ch
  • Luc P proposition: get free simple spectro workshop with annual membership to Hackuarium. => accepted.
  • nom de lieu?? (not espace créateur??) to check with other members of the coop.