20190123 Board Meeting

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Board Meeting of Hackuarium 'without walls' - 23jan19 EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

Agenda of another Super Special Board Meeting

Date: Wednesday, January 23rd, 18:30-19:30h
Place: FIXME space, Les Ateliers de Renens, floor 3, Chemin du Closel 5, 1020 Renens


  • Rachel (virtually there, via skype)


  • Olivier
  • Vanessa
  • Masoud
  • Luc (remote via Skype)
  • Rachel (remote via Skype)


  • Gianpaolo
  • Anne-Laure


(Rachel, 1 min)

Public minutes

(Rachel, 1 min)

Get ok from all board members to upload minutes on wiki (or else discuss alternative below)
Objections? OK

Who can keep the time? (no one really did, and we went over! 8pm at least)


Point 1: Status on the new Coop and its Espace Créateur

inspections (hopefully ok! esp in regards to roof and asbestos) and work being organised, with hoped for move by February 2019

Things look good, and the Space Alliance coop will soon be registered (registre commerce) Here are the Statutes of the new Cooperative, which has 3 founding members from Hackuarium.

Initially the rent is handled through Raffael and Rachel, and will be handled by coop once its registered.

Vanessa: when to move in?

Rachel: movers 1st February

Luc: negociate with movers to move things from Rachel's place

Rent around 600 chf for our space

Consider getting some money in a future meeting

Deposit share for Hackuarium space: 1704 chf

Sub-letting Contract between Hackuarium and the Space Alliance

For next meeting (General Assembly): get overview on whether Hackuarium as an association wants to join the coop, what this implies (& maybe Raffael can bring more insight).

Point 2: Transfer of info from Sam to new 'responsable IT' of Hackuarium

Still hoping for some edits to the main website ('moving labs' banner and location alt, at the least)
Yann H says he can take on much of this (slack access and more) and maybe one of Vithoo's friends can help too.

Masoud can get the accesses/logins from Sam once his exams are finished.
Vanessa will find out the Instagram login

Point 3: Preparations for the meeting of the General Assembly

27fev19, need finance 'bouclement' (Masoud update), announcement and agenda sent by 30 days before meeting (27jan)

Check how many people are needed to accept a vote decision

Decide "ordre du jour" before 27.01.2019

For editing of Statutes, will need to at least change Articles 3 and 5 for our new space!

(so remove Renens links and add new Hackuarium address)

Specific questions: Membership in the coop Membership fee change? (concrete proposition needed, like 25 chf instead of 20)

How to divide services/support (as Hackuarium/Octanis/Polymeka), proposal?

Ask if the board can set conditions for this and workshops

Agenda to be begun by Rachel.

Point 4: Upcoming Projects and Events

  • Alienated Landscapes event and workshop, Hackuarium - Ateliers Bellevaux Mai 2019. It's happening, wanna be involved?
  • Water Projet: Collaboration with Anima (Fribourg, CH) and Miranda Moss (CapeTown, SA). It's happening, wanna be involved?
  • Ditchley Foundation organized a prestigious Conference and invited us (we need to crowdsource black tie)! Collecting COMMUNITY QUESTIONS HERE and HERE
  • 500Foods, sequencing study, a collaboration between SwissDecode, EPFL Marcel Salathé and Hackuarium (Luc H can lead on event planning, while RA liases and organises also between SDC's Paulina and Pietro and EPFL's Talia S.)
  • 'Ramène ta Science' at the Palais de Rumine, 16mars - Living Instruments and oFoldscope workshops (LucH and RA)
  • Manon's biosculptures for Lausanne Jardins - update on progress? NO
  • Potential Research Fellow after June 2019: Thierry Bardini, Montreal prof on sabbatical, planning a research-creation project with his partner, Beatriz Herrera, who is a intermedia artist (ceramics, sculpture and robotics, see http://beatrizherrera.ca/about/). The project involves building what they call “semi-living terrariums” as prototypes toward a garden. Sensor and electronics people, not just people with green thumbs, will probably be welcome for a transdisciplinary team!
  • International Biohacker Meetup Event - September 2019?? (including Guy Aidelberg, Fran Quero, Nieves Cuba Mateo, and many others...)

This will require more discussion to see what kind of event we can propose, and how to keep from overlapping with others' - (Boston one in October)! but, could be good!

Point 5: Other Business

  • wemakeit credit (200.-) - to back something special??

Try to get it back to our account

  • Merry CRispr - who wants to join me (Vanessa) for a Complete kit +/- 1700€

RA has strong opinions about this, especially as our P1 needs to be re-established still, and a previous CRISPR kit from the same source was contaminated. (and also Urs may have the components to share!) =>Vanessa suggests we get interested people in CRISPR use, to watch some youtube sessions, and discuss interests, objectives ... like Wednesday night