20180310 Workshop spectrophotometer

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Saturday March 10, 2018

The goal of this workshop is to present our experience to go quickly from a prototype to a small production in China (20 pieces) of a spectrophotometer.

This spectrophotometer is open-source and you may check our github project.

During this day you will learn the various steps, you will solder part of the spectrophotometer, you will use it and see some possible applications and at the end of the day you will leave with it.

The following topics will be presented:

  • What is a spectrophotometer and an Arduino
  • How to create your own PCB that is Arduino compatible (basic usage of Eagle)
  • Soldering the non SMD components
  • How to create a case using either FreeCAD or OpenSCAD
  • Multithread programming on an Arduino
  • Beer-Lambert law : checking the amount of E131 (Patent Blue V) in Haribo Smurfs Candies.

The price of this workshop including the PCB and all the components is 50 CHF. Click here if you want to subscribe.

Cette journée un peu folle, de 9h30 à 19h30, 21 personnes pour fabriquer les spectrophotomètres à Hackuarium! Tout le monde est reparti avec un spectro fonctionnel et je pense que les participants étaient satisfaits et aimaient l'endroit et le concept qui leur parait unique. Quelques personnes venaient de loin, 2 de Fribourg, 2 du Bouveret et le record, une personne de Coire. Toujours quelques petites choses à améliorer mais probablement quelque chose à refaire.

20180310 spectro intro.JPG 20180310 spectro intro2.JPG 20180310 spectro soldering.JPG 20180310 spectro soldering2.JPG 20180310 spectro ifood.JPG 20180310 spectro debug.JPG 20180310 spectro usage.JPG