20171018 CrowdfundingMeeting

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Agenda of the Meeting

Date: Wednesday, October 18, 19:00-22:00
Place: UniverCité, 2rd floor co-working space (cosy!)



  • Vanessa


  • Luc P
  • Océane P
  • Olivier
  • Luc
  • Joel
  • Michel


  • Rachel

Agenda Items

What is done

Update from Vanessa, Olivier, Joël and Anne-Laure
see latest vids! ?

What is left to do

Plan Campaign

Here is a countdown and campaign plan:

Social Media and Communication

Joël 5 min

New facebook profile pic to go with campaign.
Choose and vote...

Tweet for first official launch day (as this is not the 18th, please do specify here!)

Mails for first official launch day (ditto)
(Joël has done drafts?)


We need a very short paragraph describing why we need the support and how we will spend the money.

No need for a details budget on the campaign page. But important to have to make sure we actually will not LOSE money in the process.

The discussion on how the budget should be spent will happen at the next board meeting.