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Crowdfunding Video and Launch
This Crowdfunding Planning meeting is especially for working on the video for the launch!
Cette Réunion pour le planning de la financement participative est surtout pour travail sur le launch video...



Campaign Pitch 'story line'

main video (2.5min)

1) the big launch that plunges into the sea to the octopuses' garden and then makes the tour of the 5 main projects mentioned in the campaign... BeeMoS, BeerDeCoded, Genomic integrity, Spectrophotometer, Living Instruments, (octanis??)

shorts (30s) 2) the sick lifeguards of Montreux, worried about their skin - 5s of rowing, 20s of Roger&Shannon - MCBP! 3) the broken microscope that needs to be hacked for upcycling better (gets LED) and when updated shows cuter microbes


use the 'octopuses garden' by the beatles?? other techno moving kind??


fast and then slow like the cosplay videos shown by Eloïse...
cute videos from Vanessa with baby music...
everyone 'swimming' in their hackuarium tshirts

Completed Tasks?

Not set

  • underwater area scene or just splash into some water??
  • good steady cam & good sound to get some clips together...

Next Tasks

more filming! to put in slack... "Durant la réunion autour le crowdfunding, on a décidé qu’il faut tourner la vidéo du crowdfunding avec toute la communauté pour filmer la semaine prochaine, en particulier les gens avec les projets qui font partie de la campagne et qui sont représentés sur le WeMakeIt.

Peux-tu stp envoyer un email à tout le monde tu penses veut contribuer, leur demandant de venir mercredi prochain à 19h avec de quoi illustrer leurs projets pour la vidéo (des trucs visuels).

Aussi, dis-leur de me répondre directement pour confirmer qu’ils viennent. Si possible, Luc, envoie vers Joël une liste des adresses email de tout le monde…

Merci d’avance tout le monde."

first preview?? event for ??? the first rushes from Heloise and Océane weren't ideal they want more filming with more people and also some good visuals for describing differents projects. hoping to get a mail to many, to confirm that people can come next week for this! (Océane and Heloise need to borrow the camera from their friends...

swimming date - nothing happened.

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