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Please translate into french ;)
INTRO (blurry beginning in the door with Hackuarium logo)

  • 3 years ago we had an idea:
  • To bring Biology to the world and the real world back to Biology in a neutral, non competitive and non-for-profit environment.

FIRST SCENE (Entry and to the left, stop autoclave --> Cool scientist (woman? girl-power :) bring out a fluorescent bottle form the Autoclave, steam!)
TRANSITION (left to rigth --> towards Patiny's bench, while bringing the fluorescence bottle from the autoclave)

  • A place to do open research, open innovation, rocket science, art, biodesign zombie kittens and... we do it together!
  • We learn how to build our own equipment (spectrometer) to analyze the Patent blue V of the Strumpf (a gummy strumpf needed) or pet some microbes (open bioreactor!)

TRANSITION BACK TO LEFT, towards rack Octanis, while shooting an arrow ;)

  • Here we welcomed people that taught us how to shoot arrows to the moon to reach our dreams.


  • And now they are on their way to Mars!

TRANSITION to Hybridoa

  • Artists talked to moss and communicated with other living instruments! (Crazy artist with, Can you take a moss and cover your face with it? or maybe perform as you play on some)

TRANSITION to right (Beemos, Olivier)

  • We learn about honey and we dreamt to safe bees! (Olivier going with his bee-suit, eating honey, camera follow)

In DANI's BENCH (We want to grow almost everything, maybe grow an ear? :)

  • We show Dani growing a 3rd ear.


  • Cheers! (make cheers with beers Nebuleuse?) we also mix beers, genomics and big data!!!... as big as the Universe... and here, in the Universe we help to unveil the secret ligths out of the ligth spectrum visible by the human eye.

TRANSITION (Rachel towards the microscope with a fixing tool)

  • We also upcycle and hack lab equipment so we can get serious into your genomic integrity()

IN THE MICROSCOPE (we saw Rachel fixing the micro and someone putting his mouth into the camera, black hole --> we show cheek cells image from the microscope).

  • We also decipher the secrets of the tinniest forms of life (video of c.elegans, tardigrades...)

Now we go to the P1 --> A lot of people in white labcoats or colorful gloves or security glasses and a shinny Octopus, do we have one?. Now we got a new space and our dream is to get a proper P1 lab, a clean area to develop an open lab, ambitious projects on citizen science, environmental monitoring, antibiotics, (here ask Rachel, Dan, Luc, Yann or other scientists to give a good reason to have a P1 in TWO WORDS, please) to make open disruptive and democratic research and open it up to the world. We also want our projects to take off

  • So, support and help us discovering new ways of knowledge and transdisciplinary research while sharing our dream of an alternative laboratory where the coolest can come in and meet for the development of ideas and open exchange.

END (Blurry end)