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This Crowdfunding Planning meeting is especially for working on the video for the launch!

Cette Réunion pour le planning de la financement participative est surtout pour travail sur le launch video...

Drafting the video story telling


Vanessa, Rachel, Dan, Olivier, Anne-Laure, Eloïse, Océane


To present the story in a compelling way, is our key task:

  • 3 years anniversary -> history, and take us to the next level (what do we do?)
  • New lab -> more instruments needed (water, ventilation, ice machine etc.)
  • Minigrants to support projects
  • portes ouvertes (event) pour devenir plus familier avec les Ateliers de Renens


Campaign Pitch 'story line' and filming - one for launch, and two-three? shorter ones for the course of the campaign

1) the big launch that plunges into the sea to the octopuses' garden and then makes the tour of the 5 main projects mentioned in the campaign... BeeMoS, BeerDeCoded, Genomic integrity, Spectrophotometer, Living Instruments, (octanis??)

2) the cute microscope that could be updated to show cuter microbes etc?

3) the one broken that needs to be hacked for upcycling better (gets LED)


use the 'octopuses garden' by the beatles?? other techno moving kind??


fast and then slow like the cosplay videos shown by Eloïse...
cute videos from Vanessa with baby music...
everyone 'swimming' in their hackuarium tshirts

Next Tasks

  • Find underwater area scene
  • Find good steady cam
  • Find good sound... Eloïse has pistes...
  • get some clips together...
  • next meeting 27sept 18:30

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