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Chers amis et membres, nous voudrions vous inviter pour brainstormer, planifier et organiser notre future campagne de crowdfunding.
As-tu déjà pris part à une campagne de crowdfunding ? Si oui, alors viens nous rejoindre et partager ton expérience.
Nous nous réjouissons de tous vous voir pour cette soirée discussion!​

Dear friends and members, we'd like to invite you to brainstorm, plannify and organize our upcomming crowdfunding campaign.
Did you ever took part of a crowdfunding campaign ? If yes then come and share your insights with us !
Looking forward to see you all to this very chatty event!

The main page for the Crowdfunding campaign is available here.

The main results from this brainstorming session will be uploaded there, but notes from the meeting will follow here.


6July17 @ 19h in the 2nd floor 'library' brought together: Olivier Emery
Luc Henry
Rachel Aronoff
Joël Christine
Anne-Laure Pittet
and by skype from Lapland (briefly) Vanessa Lorenzo
(Luc Patiny passed by once, but only about lab details)

Laure Micheloud and Dan Hernandez were excused from this meeting

First, we heard about the platform WeMakeIt, which Luc said has already been around for about 10 years, for which he helped start a special 'matching funds' program - 'Science Booster' - with the Gebert Rüf Foundation. He said the 3 key things for the campaign are to 1) figure out the realistic sum to aim for, 2) the actual way to run the campaign and rewards to offer, and 3) the communication and content, which can be in all 4 languages. There are also clever things in terms of adding more rewards in the midst of the campaign, to help spur interest.

For rewards ('perks') the idea is that everyone will add what they can contribute to a spreadsheet, making sure they have a way to cover the costs of the reward (i.e. workshop materials, T-shirts, or other items). All workshops/items should be done/distributed sometime within the first 6 months of 2018.
Olivier agreed to coordinate the reward details, via a useful spreadsheet.
Joël agreed to coordinate communication, and already has a rough template for how the campaign is put together, with Rachel agreeing to coordinate content. (hopefully, we can get everything in all 4 languages.)
Anne Laure agreed to coordinate the campaign working group and particularly the marketing aspects and use of emotion.

A further details is to update the main Hackuarium website, which Luc says he can take on, if Sam will not have the time... (but we hope he will!!)


The main goal would be to agree on a common story:
By the end of this first meeting, the main story line has been still left a bit open - likely it will revolve around our 3rd year, our newly renovated (but incomplete - ventilation and -80 freezer for the P1 esp) lab spaces, and taking the association to the 'next level' by providing more funds for more mini-grants to support Hackuarium projects and events!
The main campaign video will implement the best of these ideas.
(an intro 'teaser' video, for the week before the campaign, and mini-videos to be posted during later weeks of the campaign could also be made...)


is the story we want to tell? Keep it simple:

- What do we exist for?
From our website and poster. At Hackuarium, we want to bring biology (and biologists) to the world, and the real world back to biology. Our laboratory is both an excuse to meet and discuss, and a place to build and develop ideas in a neutral, open, noncompetitive and not-for-profit environment.
Plus maybe..: 3 years now... P1, more active, N° members, Guiding Student projects, Hosting experiments, helping researchers, citizens with citizen science projects, artists


We are a non-profit and based on symbolic membership cool pips, & volunteers community, beat that!
- does Hackuarium deserve to be crowdfunded? - What do we want to exist for in the future?
- How can our supporters help?


are we going to pay back? (Reward, how much, classify. We need to ask ourselves these questions: Is this feasible, will it boost our active Hackuarium projects? to 'boost' means more visibility, people interested in the project and contributing...  Is it just about the money? VL & RA don't think so... and you??) --> Workshops/events

parties for 3 year bday, for campaign launch, and to welcome Renens in particular, were discussed at this first brainstorm session.


Rewards/ workshops/events? --> (because VL is implicated and was told by other members they support this) Hybridoa, Living instruments, Cheek cells, Moss life, Bee Hives, Bioreactors?... yours?    An excel spread sheet will be filled in to gather all ideas, including costs and desired donation for the reward. 


When? --> 

The next meeting dates were fixed: 26 July, 16, 23, 30 August to get everything together.

Launch --> end Sept / beginning Oct. Rewards/activities timing --> November 2017 - March 2018

Working groups

How to manage finances, logistique, communication, etc?
More detailed and some already defined working groups in our wiki entry Crowfunding2017
Coordinators will delegate and hopefully get lots of help from other members!


We can do this, together!