20170517 OpenHackuarium 150 - Extraordinary General Assembly

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Brief presentation of the Workshop about Middleground

19:00h. - 19:30h.
Intro 10 min + discusion about
The team members Monique Bolli and Clément Renaud from 'The Institute for Area and Global Studies at EPFL' want to study our community and will present their 'Workshop' about makerspaces/hackerspaces that will be held from 18 - 19th May at Univercité.

They will co-design new ways of studying and co-habitating within the 'Middleground'.

Notes and Results of the Workshop by Clément Renaud here
What's the 'Middleground'? Creative, hacker, doer and maker communities. 'Middleground' would be the “a critical intermediate structure linking the underground to the upperground” [The Anatomy of the Creative City, Cohendet], where Upperground it is considered as the ensemble of formal institutions and Underground is considered the creative, artistic and cultural activities without formal production, exploitation or diffusion.

Agenda of the Extraordinary General Assembly

Date: Mercredi 17 mai 2017, 19h30-21h00
Date: Wednesday, May 17th 2017, 19.30-21.00

Lieu: 1er étage Ateliers de Renens, Chemin du Closel 5
Place: 1st floor Ateliers de Renens, Chemin du Closel 5

Note: Cette assemblée générale extraordinaire est organisée après décision du comité lors du dernier Board meeting. Elle sera tenue principalement en français si la majorité des membres présents n'y voit pas d'inconvénient. Tout membre est libre de parler dans sa langue de prédilection, sachant que la majorité parle français et anglais. La documentation ci-dessous est en anglais pour permettre aux participants qui ne parleraient pas le français de prendre connaissance des sujet. Si vous ne parlez pas l'anglais, n'hésitez-pas à demander une traduction de cet agenda au comité de l'association. Nous nous efforceront de répondre aux requêtes, dans la mesure de nos moyens.

Notice: This Extraordinary General Assembly was called after the board made a decision during its last Board meeting. It will be mostly held in French, as long as the majority of members feels comfortable with it. If you do not speak any French, the following document contains all points at the agenda. If you have any question, please contact the committee.


  • Vanessa and Rachel as co-presidents



Luc Henry
Roger and Shannon (hammerdirt)
Jonathan Sobel

Welcome address

(Vanessa and Rachel, 2 min)

Crowdfunding Campaign

(Vanessa and Rachel, 60 min)

This is the main issue for the GA. The points that are brought to vote were discussed by co-presidents Vanessa and Rachel, together with secretary Luc in a meeting on May 5. The whole discussion is available here.

We need to vote and validate the following points:


The decision to do or not the crowdfunding campaign is formally taken in point 8, after voting on the sever other points.

1. Do we agree on the Motivations?

Visibility boost
Bring new/more people to Hackuarium with activities
Bring the community together around a common goal


If no, please provide an alternative (maximum 5 min discussion)

2. Do we agree on the following Narrative?

  • Hackuarium has been doing this for the past 3 years
  • We moved to brand new lab space
  • Our goal is to go one step further and open the lab to more people
  • We have projects that communicate science that need a boost
  • We need support to share these projects


If no, please provide an alternative (maximum 5 min discussion)

3. Do we agree on the following tentative Timeline?

Content: June-July
Strategy and ramp up: August
Launch: End of September


If no, please provide an alternative (maximum 5 min discussion)

4. Do we agree on the following Amount?

30,000 CHF (20,000 from the crowd + 10,000 from the science booster)


If no, please provide an alternative (maximum 5 min discussion)

5. Do we agree on the co-presidents discussing the two following options with Inartis in a second stage?

Option A

10,000 to support workshops + campaign + projects
20,000 to Inartis

Option B

10,000 to support workshops + campaign + projects
20,000 for minigrants and various activities over 2017-2018

Yes?/No? (offering only one option is also possible)

If no, please provide an alternative (maximum 5 min discussion)

6. Do we agree on the Platform?

  • Wemakeit (with their ScienceBooster channel)


If no, please provide an alternative (maximum 5 min discussion)

7. Do we agree on that details will be decided by the board after the co-presidents agree with Inartis?


If no, please provide an alternative (maximum 5 min discussion)

8. Considering the above seven decision, does the EGA agree to run a crowdfunding campaign?



People involved

If the vote above was positive, the goal of this discussion is to probe for interest from Hackuarium members to get involved in the crowdfunding campaign.


- What?
- Time invested?
- Tasks?
- Taskforce?


Other Funding Opportunities

Mozilla Science Mini-Grant Application
Any projects want to go for this?
Possibly good for genomic integrity cheek cell assays and network building...

Lab Move

Save the dates!! Our move is currently planned for 24-25 June...
Who Knows they can Help??
Who Wants to help decide about what goes where??

This was already in a note from Inartis:

'L'inauguration du 2ème - une fête où tout le monde est invité - est prévue le 27 juin.'  

-list making and commitment is needed!

Account Verification

The 2016 Accounts of the Association Hackuarium have been verified.
Formal announce by Anne-Laure & Yann.
Details are available here

Biofabbing conference


(Vanessa and Rachel, 10 min)

If time permits.
Thank you to everyone who helped during the visit on Saturday!