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The Arduino is a perfect solution for quickly solving a problem, interfacing a sensor, controlling a servo...
But as projects are getting more complex, they run out of memory, the main loop slows down and the servo mottors start to jitter.
Often there is no need to buy a stronger microcontroller, it is enough to get the work done by the periphery of the microcontroller instead of the processor.
Short: Use hardware instead of software.
This workshop is about avoiding some of the inefficiencies of the Arduino libraries by directly accessing the microcontroller.
Profit from interrupts, timers and some special hardware tricks "hidden" in the datasheet of the microcontroller.
This workshop is targeted for people who already used the Arduino environment in the past. Bring your own laptop!
Course fee: 39.- (includes an Arduino Micro Pro and lunch; 29.- without hardware)

REGISTER HERE: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/octanis/events/237109826/?eventId=237109826