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Agenda of the Board Meeting

Date: Thursday, June 9th, 20.00-21.30pm
Place: UniverCité



  • Luc as president


  • Sam
  • Anna
  • Gianpaolo
  • Yann
  • Anne-Laure



Welcome address

(Luc, 2 min)

Point 0: public minutes

(Luc, 1 min)

Get ok from all board members to upload minutes on wiki (or else discuss alternative below)


Point 1: Projects updates

It is important that every board member stays up to date with all main projects. Add link when relevant.

P1 implementation

Update from Yann P. (5min)

  • Cost estimations for running the lab
  • Setup - new instruments coming in soon
  • Operation Wipe Out - Sat 18th June see here
  • New room plan needed - communicate it to Jean-Pierre
  • Course registration for biosafety officer: anyone interested follow this link


Update from Gianpaolo (5min)

  • All wet lab work is done
  • All samples at the UNIL sequencing facility (bactria, fungi)
  • Quality control done, and ok
  • Roadmap available on Trello https://trello.com/b/NyG1Z7A7/beerdecoded-execution
  • Documentation - update the wiki (list of beers, budget, short project description to be published, F1000, etc.) and plan the next steps
  • hire a data viz person? job platform EPFL

SwissDeCode is officially accepted to the MC plans!

Living Instruments

Update from Luc (5min)

  • Serge also submitted a funding application to carry on the work in London, in collaboration with UCL researchers and local artists.
  • More to come hopefully.


  • Update from Sam (5min)
  • Tasks now on: https://waffle.io/Octanis1/Octanis1-Electronics (if you want to contribute)
  • August -> rover goes to Antarctica (via French Institut Paul Emil Victor)
  • Plan to scan landscape in a grid and build a model of the environment
  • Summer spent on developing software for the instrument
  • Updated documentation for clarity
  • 50% intern on Octanis project (50% on Gustavo's project)

Other projects

  • Protein purification system (Yann will slowly work on that)
  • Water analysis people work hard and fast. Looking for collaboration with local authorities and institutions.
  • Owl monitoring device (tentative title) -> make the first day an event, start a wiki..

Point 2: Funding Applications


The European Commission has opened a call for projects involving Science Shops. More information in this document. The original call can be found here.

Hackuarium could be a potential candidate if we can build strong partnership with UNIL and EPFL. Luc is working on it and has a meeting in Bern with Euresearch to discuss details on Monday 13th, but if anyone is interested in helping, please come forward. It will be a lot of work.


Application to this "Nominate your startup lab to win a $5,000 credit of GENEWIZ Services" competition?

Disclosure here.

Joint Outreach with SIB

Hackuarium as possible partner of a next SNF Agora application centred on air metagenomics --> sampling air with Octanis meteo baloons?

Possibility to do a night at Hackuarium about current Agora project on drug design (let's plan an OH on that in August-September)

Gianpaolo will start a conversation with them

News from the Slovenian train?

No news since April 1st. Luc just sent an email to Maja Sande (from http://kersnikova.org) to see if there is any update available. Initial contact was from Kristijan Tkalec (http://biotehna.org).


Luc has a list here, and will start writing emails as soon as Friday 10th of June if the board give a green light for all items.

Point 3: Future partnerships

Mike Horn pole2pole?

Gianpaolo and Luc have been in touch with Mike Horn PR people.

More details to be added.


Gianpaolo suggested to ask BNSL if they are interested in organising their events at UniverCité.

Mmaybe Anne-Laure can coordinate when Hackuarium can help. Contact Gabriela Ecco? : <gabriela.ecco@epfl.ch>

Point 4: Finance

Some details about finance

No time to build a summary. Healthy budget. More later.
Will want to do something similar to what London Hackerspace has done here.
Write remind email to people not paying the membership.

Web addresses

Luc reimburse Sam

Open budget

Implementation for 2014 and 2015, then at each General Assembly

Point 5: Upcoming OpenHackuarium nights

It is important that we announce events and stick to the plan. We already discussed the issue at the last board meeting and little has been done.

Already planned

Molecular Biology day/evening

Luc (3 min)

  • WHEN? OpenHackuarium ?
  • WHO? Luc+Gianpaolo+young researchers from neighbouring institutions?
  • WHAT? Discussion around the state of the art as well as basic mol biol technologies.

Topics to be included in the discussion:

  • DNA (5 min introduction)
  • Genes (5 min introduction)
  • GM (how it is applied in bacteria, years, cells, animal, plants)
  • CRISPR (5 min introduction to the technique, and why it's hype)
  • Biotech (5 min on why all this is relevant)

BeerDeCoded + Bience

Gianpaolo (3 min)

  • WHEN? OpenHackuarium #?
  • WHO? Gianpaolo+Romain
  • WHAT? Update on both projects


Outdoor OpenHackuarium: Lakeside refuge, Beers, BBQ, etc.

DIYbio at Uni Geneva

Luc (3 min)

Bruno Strasser and his team have an ERC grant to study DIYbiology. They will come and present their projects (2-3).

We will also discuss the opportunity to co-organise the DIYbio EU annual meeting sometime in the winter together.

Point 4bis: Other Events

Design Days

Save the date! The Design Days will take place on 29th September - 2nd October.

Patricia Lunghi who organises the event reached out to Luc to insist that Hackuarium should really be there at the next Design Days event.

Do we have projects that would fit in there? Can we think of 2-3 small projects to prepare over the summer and present?

Living Instruments could be one.

Open Access Week

After a successful event in 2014, it would be great to invest time again into planning one this year, October 24 - 30.

I know this is a topic mostly interesting to scientists, but maybe it is time for citizens to see the potential as well.

Not much information yet on the website of the organisation.

Science Hackathon

Luc H. (3min)

  • WHEN? Beginning of 18-20th November
  • WHO? Luc, together with a team of people from outside Hackuarium
  • WHAT? With this Science Hackathon event, we want to bring together scientists (as well as non-scientists) from western Switzerland (and beyond) over the course of three days, to foster collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas and generate solutions to research problems, both in experimental design and tools.

More information here

LoRa Wireless Workshop

  • WHEN? 20/21 August
  • WHO? Sam, Luc, ...

A document is currently being written. Work in progress, get in touch if you have an opinion.

Balloon Launch Party

  • WHEN? 24th September
  • WHO? Sam, ...

details following



OK to give away keys until there are none left.

Business Cards

Anne-Laure (3 min)

Waiting on Vanessa