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  • Main language this week: English
  • Theme : DIYbio: an academic perspective followed by
  • Date : Wed., June 29th, 2016. Doors opening 7.30pm, presentations at 8 pm


A team of researchers from the University of Geneva will present their research on citizen science and DIY biology initiative worldwide.

Bruno J. Strasser's group is interested in the topic of Rethinking Science and Public Participation. He is also head of the Bioscope, a public laboratory at the University of Geneva.

Gabriela Sanchez is one of Bruno's collaborator at the Rethinking Science and Public Participation group, UNIGE. She will present her project called DIYbiosphere”, a participatory portal for the DIYbio community developed in collaboration with DIYbio.org co-founder Jason Bobe..

A Bioscope collaborator, Romain Dewaele will present a European participatory project to develop DIYBio postcards describing experiments that can be performed at home. His project is part of the Horizon2020 "Doing-It-Together Science

Vanessa Lorenzo will then describe her art installation Camera Obscura et les artefacts de l'invisible that she successfully presented at the HEAD as her master project.

Practical Info (access, map, etc.)

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