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Agenda of the Board Meeting

Date: Wednesday, July 13th, 20.00-21.00pm
Place: UniverCité



  • Luc as president


  • Anne-Laure
  • Yann Pierson
  • Sam
  • Gianpaolo


  • Vanessa Lorenzo


Welcome address

(Luc, 2 min)

Point 0: public minutes

(Luc, 1 min)

Get ok from all board members to upload minutes on wiki (or else discuss alternative below)


Point 1: Projects updates

It is important that every board member stays up to date with all main projects. Add link when relevant.

Hackarium as a part of UniverCité

Problems of communication and security being raised, needs to be solved

  • Question from Yann: What about Swiss decode usage of Hackuarium labspace? Can you comment on that ?

The relationship with MC startup needs to be clarify. Luc will document how they interact with Hackuarium and use the space.

P1 implementation

Update from Yann P. (5min)

Wall request to JP (price & time) No answer yet
Material acquired, will still need some instruments and freezers but the main part is there
Budget estimation was made for a first lab fitting
Sashiko and I are registered for the BSO course on September
More ?


Update from Gianpaolo (5min)
QC if finished - 30 good samples out of 96.
Possible cause: dirty DNA - the facility found bad 230/260 ratios. It would be easier to have a nanodrop in house.
Next steps: Nicolas is preparing the documentation and would like to repeat the PCR once more. If not successful we will ask our backers what to do: i.e. sequence the 30 beers OR keep trying for x months.

SwissDeCode develops DNA kits on-demand, main focus is food industry.
Possible future implications for the Hackuarium labspace & community:

  • Production of open-source kits for the Bento Lab (currently in discussion with Bento.bio)
  • Prototyping of other kit concepts during the MC competition
  • Exposure and visibility to SwissDeCode's partners & customers visiting MC

Living Instruments

Update from Luc (5min)

  • Living Instruments is part of the crowdfunding campaign We Spoke is running on wemakeit. Please spread the word!


  • Meeting researchers in 9d
  • Shipping of rover ~>2months
  • Students working at Hackuarium during whole summer, they like the space
  • Lots of work to do, success as usual uncertain ;)

Other projects

Point 2: Funding Applications

Loterie Romande

Luc has submitted the application for the Loterie Romande for 20'000 CHF.


The Science Shops call was a bit of a scam.. No chance we could get it even with a lot of work and a good network. Given up.


Luc has a list here, and will start writing emails as soon as Friday 10th of June if the board give a green light for all items.

Point 3: Future partnerships

Mike Horn pole2pole?

Gianpaolo and Luc have been in touch with Mike Horn PR people.

Next meeting tomorrow afternoon.

More details to be added in the future.

Joint Outreach with SIB

Gianpaolo, Sam, Raphael, Marion and Luc had a Skype conversation with Marie-Claude Blatter

News from the Slovenian train?

Luc had a Skype conversation with Maja Sande (from http://kersnikova.org)

Point 4: Finance

Open budget

ADD results here

Point 5: Upcoming OpenHackuarium nights

It is important that we announce events and stick to the plan. We already discussed the issue at the last board meeting and little has been done.

Already planned

  • 2016.08.03 Wednesday 19:30-22:00: Openhackuarium vol. 109 Presentation of Atelier6 (Renens) and PatchWork (Lausanne) creative communities. --> Gianpaolo
  • Molecular Biology day/evening

    Luc (3 min)

    • WHEN? Let's book OpenHackuarium #114 on 7th September.
    • WHO? Luc+Gianpaolo+young researchers from neighbouring institutions. Let's make a list and contact them.
    • WHAT? Discussion around the state of the art as well as basic mol biol technologies.

    Topics to be included in the discussion:

    • DNA (5 min introduction)
    • Genes (5 min introduction)
    • GM (how it is applied in bacteria, years, cells, animal, plants)
    • CRISPR (5 min introduction to the technique, and why it's hype)
    • Biotech (5 min on why all this is relevant)

    BeerDeCoded + Bience

    Gianpaolo (3 min)

    • WHEN? OpenHackuarium #109
    • WHO? Gianpaolo (confirmed)+Romain(tbc)
    • WHAT? Update on both projects, brainstorming with Patchwork community


    • Outdoor OpenHackuarium: Lakeside refuge, Beers, BBQ, etc.
    • Machine learning for image recognition. A friend of mine (Yann) wants to present and bring a concrete case where we can show how with a RasPi we can differentiate things. A useful tech if for ex we want to look at wastes sorting.

    Point 4bis: Other Events

    CERN Webfest

    • WHEN? 29th-31st of July, more details about it at : https://cern.ch/webfest
    • WHO? Mohanty is looking at the possibility of having a workshop around BioHacking at the CERN Webfest this year. If you want to go, contact him by email spmohanty91(at)gmail.com

    LoRa Wireless Workshop

    • WHEN? 10th September
    • WHO? Sam

    A document is currently being written. Work in progress, get in touch if you have an opinion.

    Design Days

    • WHEN? 29th September - 2nd October. Save the date!

    Patricia Lunghi who organises the Design Days reached out to Luc to insist that Hackuarium should really be there at the next Design Days event. Do we have projects that would fit in there? Can we think of 2-3 small projects to prepare over the summer and present?

    Living Instruments could be one.

    • Could we implement what Vane did for her masters on this level ?
    • Can make agar plates this time with real motives ? We got the hood now it could be easier?
    • Urs G. once showed me how you could make move micro organisms with current why not trying to reproduce this as an "interactive" project...
    • Cell-fie ?

    Balloon and BBQ Party

    • WHEN? 24th September
    • WHO? Sam, ...

    details following


    Building level communication: Strategy ?