Urban Garden 3

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The third year of the urban garden project began early in the spring, 2020.


As mentioned in the previous wiki pages around this project, symbiotic rhizobial bacteria are used regularly by big agrobusiness 'farmers' - providing incredible yields.

Key Aims

With this experiment, we hope to find out if, in ordinary 'urban garden' settings, such symbiotic associations between plant roots and bacteria will also provide better harvests of delicious peas!
To note: None of us are experts in this field, though we have had some advice from at least one, who mainly worked with alfalfa and its symbionts, and we are learning by doing!

Open Science

We want to encourage open science, and are simply using a google drive to collect data still...
(This can be strongly criticised, especially as huge populations, for instance in China, do not have this resource! We hope to work toward a better solution and thank you for any input!)
Sadly, the summer heat wave last year killed off many plants, but some data was nonetheless collected.
We discussed all the results at an Open Hackuarium event, 6nov19, and planned for the next round. Now (June 2020), the harvests for the 3rd round are almost complete, and we are planning a big wrap event (Covid-19 allowing) for an #OH evening the 9th of September.


Here are some initial images of the cultures, inoculation and growth of plants.
To note: groups of plants marked A and B were given to participants, with no indication as to which were inoculated and which were mock inoculated!