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Experiment 7avr17

Aim: To get a cell staining protocol that uses non-toxic (kitchen) ingredients

To see if tumeric might stain cells.

1) dry down some cheek cells on a slide, to fix with EtOH

2) make solution of Tumeric in ethanol (doesn't seem to dissolve in saline)

3) put a drop of tumeric solution on one patch, methylene blue on another and compare

Is any color visible?
What about after treatments for comet tests?

Anna and Bastien already counted cheek cells, and are making pads before RA joined in. Had plan for an experiment with the osmotic shock and the detergent treatment already. will try staining one of each with MeBlue and one with tumeric?

The tumeric did not seem to do much, if anything...



Picture of cells incubated in tumeric extract

Methylene Blue control