Magnesium tests with AGiR!

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Following the presentation by Bérnard Dugas on the work of Pierre Delbet (apr18), controlled tests of topical application of MgCl2 are proposed.

Formulations need final ok, and participants are needed...
Certainly, Mg++ is essential in active sites of both enzymes (with inspiration via AGiR!) and *ribozymes*...

Here are a few interesting and relatively recent articles related to the effects of magnesium on health:

Association between magnesium intake and risk of colorectal cancer among postmenopausal women.
Gorczyca AM et al. Cancer Causes Control. (2015)

Magnesium intake and incidence of pancreatic cancer: the VITamins and Lifestyle study.
Dibaba D et al. Br J Cancer. (2015)

Dietary magnesium intake and risk of cancer: a meta-analysis of epidemiologic studies.
Ko HJ et al. Nutr Cancer. (2014)

However, Delbet's work (pdf available from the OH198 page, linked above) indicates also that topical applications can help everything from healing wounds to restoring hair pigmentation!
Could this be true??
Maybe we will find out, together!?

Contact if you are keen to join in!