Who are we?

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Qui sommes nous ? / Who are we?

Our members reflect the diversity that is in and around the Lausanne area. / Nos membres reflètent la diversité qui existe autour de Lausanne.

Check us out, and find out what makes Hackuarium a good mix. (arrière de labo, out in back 28july21 )

Le comité / Committee

The current committee was elected during our annual general assembly meeting and duties for each person are listed below.

Since the AG 2023, Board members only swapped in Tatiana for Masoud, and roles were decided at the board meeting on 12April.

  • President: Rachel
  • Vice-President & Secretary: Esther
  • (aide)Secrétaire & Lien aux Communes de l'Ouest Lausannois: Joël
  • Treasurer: Michel
  • Webmaster: Tatiana

Tout le monde est toujours le bienvenu à la prochaine réunion du conseil d'administration ! Venez participer si vous le pouvez, s'il vous plaît, et surtout pour prendre l'habitude des anciennes soirées #OH ! =)


Everyone is always welcome to the next board meeting! Come join in if you can, please, and especially for getting in the habit of the old #OH evenings! =)