Who are we?

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Qui sommes nous ? / Who are we?

Our members reflect the diversity that is in and around the Lausanne area. / Nos membres reflètent la diversité qui existe autour de Lausanne.

Check us out, and find out what makes Hackuarium a good mix.

Le comité / Committee

The current committee was elected during our annual general assembly meeting and duties for each person are listed below.

For 2021:

  • President: Rachel Aronoff (also Participatory Research Facilitator and Biosafety Officer)
  • Secretary: Esther Calderon
  • Treasurer: Michel Horisberger (Masoud Alipour as backup, also for IT)
  • Vanessa Lorenzo Art et Science (STEAM) (+ Resp Events dans le Calendrier? Demissionnée le 21nov2021
  • Webmaster: Raphaël Casimir
  • Joël Christen (aide)Secrétaire, re-lecteur FR & Lien Communes de l'Ouest Lausannois
  • Tatiana Eliseeva member of the Board

The next board meeting will be 19 January. Come join in if you can, please, and especially for getting in the habit of the old #OH evenings! =)

The last meeting was Reunion_du_comité_15-12-2021

Since this strange time of covid-19, many of these 'meetings' were virtual... We are still wearing masks when we can't be outside, or keep distance between each other, watching incidence numbers, and hoping everyone who can gets vaccinated.