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I'm Yann aka shalf.
I co-founded Hackuarium with Luc Henry in 2014.

Currently doing

The non-Hackuarium stuff is here. Before and above all, just a member and a curious mind, happy to help. Usually involved in any conversation including connecting someone with someone somewhere and making sure everyone is happy.
On Board Duty again as of Feb 27, 2019, as IT & Web tools steward (aka talk to me if your hackuarium email/slack/wiki account is in bad shape).

Past, present and potential future Hackuarium-related interests

  • Co-design of our workspaces and online tools
  • Craft Beer, spent-grain (aka "drêches" in French), and related circular economy efforts applied to urban micro-breweries. See Dans la Drêche.
  • Bees
  • (Online) conversations and (social) media.
  • Human brain
  • Local and international friends and networks outside our walls
  • Books and libraries
  • Belgium, more specifically Brussels
  • Public speaking

Talk to me
Direct message or mention me on our Slack (@shalf also)
Email me anytime: shalfAThackuariumDOTch


There is another Yann, Yann P., also a founding member and former Board member, our first awesome Lab Manager, and pretty decent human.
Generally speaking, there are way too many Yanns around. Call me shalf.