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Who I am

Rachel Aronoff is an experienced molecular biologist with keen interest in genomic integrity, a big picture concept for public health that basically includes all the molecular genetic details in cells. So many environmental factors and even things we choose to do can impact genomic integrity. While repair of damage does happen in cells, sometimes the end result is new mutations, that can also affect future generations. Therefore, awareness and prevention are of great interest for health. Rachel founded the non-profit group [https:/ AGiR!] Action for Genomic integrity through Research! to provide information and promote research into these issues. She also is very interested in measuring amounts and effects of environmental pollutants and has worked with arsenic biosensors in the UNIL fundamental microbiology department. In addition to AGiR! projects, she would like to help bring citizen science projects forward especially, as co-president of the Hackuarium with Vanessa.

Why I love Hackuarium

The DIT- Research possibilities (Do-It-Together!) synergise at the Hackuarium, and the vibrant community is amazing!

How to contact me

Email me at: rachelaronoff(at)gmail(dot)com

What I am currently working on

At the end of a 6-month sabbatical after finishing a project management position at a private company, I had six weeks to travel in Australia, and met with both Sydney and Melbourne biohackers.
I hope the two AGiR! projects at the Hackuarium, the cheek cell assays for DNA damage, and the moss fauna studies, will be beta-tested all over the world for big data possibilities about environmental risks to genomic integrity and biodiversity on our planet!
I also hope to return to cutting-edge molecular studies, ideally via a high resolution imaging project in human cells, in addition to promoting citizen science and awareness at the Hackuarium.