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You want to help us spread the love for tech, science, art and design, and organise an event? Go for it!

Here is a "Wiki express" so that everyone has the basics:

  • Send an email to — to make sure there is no conflict with another event
  • Someone on the board will check that the space is free
  • Build a wiki page for the event (see template below)
  • Our 'communications coordinator' will get in touch to ask for content and will make sure the announcements are made on all the social media outlets for Hackuarium!
  • In case you need a microgrant to cover the costs (up to 300.-), send an email to with a description (what, when, who) and a preliminary budget.
  • When all this is arrange, talk to the community, to spread the word —> use slack and facebook at least!
  • Is it a WORKSHOP? All the previous & make sure you get your logistics right! (and use the tag at the bottom of the page)
  • Is there a SIMILAR workshop ALREADY planned? If yes, negotiate dates and: Do you target the SAME people? If yes, negotiate. If not, no problem. It maybe interesting to see what others do.

Template for an Hackuarium event

First, create a line for your event on the main page under the [Main_Page#Events | Event section] using the following line:

 :<li>'''201X.XX.XX''' Wednesday 19:00-22:00: [[201XXXXX_TITLE | TITLE]] - SHORT DESCRIPTION

Make sure the date, time and title are provided. Save the main page.
The event will appear with a link. By clicking on this link you will create the event page.
The following must be added to the event page (replace XXX by appropriate values):


 Open Hackuarium #XX - TITLE<br>
 Organisé par XXX<br>

 '''ENGLISH BELOW''' <br>

 * Langue principale cette semaine: '''Anglais'''<br>
 * Thème : '''TITLE'''
 * Date : '''Mercredi XX.XX.2018, 19h''', présentation et discussion à 19:30 et jusqu'à 21h
 * Lieu :  20 Route de Crochy, 1024 Ecublens

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -<br>

 * Main language this week: '''English'''<br>
 * Theme: '''TITLE'''
 * Date: '''Wednesday XX.XX.2018, 19:00''', presentation and discussion start at 19:30
 * Location: 20 Route de Crochy, 1024 Ecublens

Main Text

Add a text description providing more details about the event.

You include pictures in the same way as in any other page using the following code:


Add the following tags at the bottom of the page:


And eventually: