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Our logo has been designed by our dear friend and fellow member Xavier Diverres, in the early days of Hackuarium.
Not fancying himself as a graphic designer (he prefers interactions), Xavier made a pretty good job nonetheless! Xavier is also a coworker at UniverCité.
(.eps and .zip versions are coming) Hackuarium logo15.png


We wanted a water-based animal to play with the words Hackuarium / Aquarium, the octopus was chosen because he can grabs many things, the octopus is also an animal with a distributed brain: each tentacle has an independent brain, still the octopus acts as a single organism. This represents well the spirit of our community.

Logo History

We first started investigating the idea of a logo and proposed it on networks at the beginning of the space:

To look at the history it happend like this: Shalf said: http://www.facebook.com/hackuarium/posts/602903189823337 "To make it serious we'll need a logo"

Yann Pierson thought: What did the others do? If we want to be "hackers" we'll need to reach out, reach out far and a lot! What animal could be the best: An octopus: and came up with this research: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7j153lmyn_eLVZfMHMzOW5DTkNMWnpkcEUtWUVSVmtrWXVz/edit that showed the orientation for the "water based animals" maybe a medusa ? https://hackpad.com/Identitybrandingcontent-IZxV3yauzbE Then he designed the big black octopus picture but as the others correctly said "It's way to complicated" =)

Showed our progress and research on the collaborative work made in the space http://www.facebook.com/hackuarium/posts/618314418282214

So Xavier did his magic and came with the final result! And first presented it to the world =) http://www.facebook.com/hackuarium/posts/F645853502194972